Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordful Wednesday: Random acts of kindness

I have so many acts of kindness that come to mind, so this one may sound silly but I still think about it often. It reminds me that things you don't even think twice about doing may be a random act of kindness that you didn't even know you did!
When my son was born I had a number of friends from church bring in meals. It was amazing to be taken care of by my sisters, but one part of one meal still sticks out in my mind. I am not even sure what the main course was, but I remember that along with it came a mason jar of home grown green beans. I knew how hard this family worked together to grow their garden. I knew how much joy they had spending time canning it together. I knew all the love that was put into this jar of green beans. For some reason this family giving me that mason jar of green beans they labored over really touched me. They were the best green beans that I have every had. Maybe it was the hormones from just giving birth...I think it was the Spirit touching my heart and reminding me that simple things can change the way a person feels. I have kept that in mind and because of it have been touched by the Spirit to give small and simple acts of kindness that I would have other wise probably not even thought twice about actually doing. Sometimes the simplest acts of kindness come from something you don't even know you did. Things that you don't even think about can be exactly what someone needs.

I just thought of something else! Jake loves to help people in the grocery store parking lot by putting up their shopping cart for them. I have witnessed many faces warm with a smile at this simple and random act of kindness. A smile on the strangers face, Jake's face, and of course mine. :) I think these little acts of kindness really are contagious because you can't help but feel better when someone serves you...It is the whole "pay it forward" phenomenon.

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