Thursday, February 3, 2011

For Nana...

Dear Nana,
We know that you are already missing your sweet dogs, but we are taking great care of them and enjoying every minute of it. Just think in a couple of days you will be on the cruise, looking out at the waves, while reading your Kindle. You won't even miss them then! :) But, while you are home getting ready to go we thought we would show you how their first day went.

Jake got up at 6, rather than his regular 6:30 and spent those 30 minutes sitting on one of the dog beds with Penny and Pooha petting them and giggling.

While he was at school both dogs napped happily. Pooha napped so well I didn't even wake her up when I put Penny in the backyard while I went to work for 4 1/2 hours...I think she may not have realized we were gone...until we got back! J/K. Her food was gone so she must have gotten up and eaten at least.

We decided to go on a walk when we got home and didn't want to leave Pooha all by her lonesome so we put her in a purse, wrapped up inside with a pillow case and she went along.

She got cold so I put her under my sweatshirt and carried her. She kept her head inside for a little while, but once she warmed up she popped her head out. All the while Penny wagged her tail and enjoyed the walk.

When we got back Pooha was exhausted from all her exercise (hehehe) and needed another nap. So, Jake got her all set up and she showed her appreciation with several kisses. You can't tell by the picture, but Jake loved this and laughed the whole time. Penny wagged her tail and watched happily.

Then on to the photo shoot. I have a cherished picture of Emily (our black lab that we had to put to sleep a year ago because of cancer.) that we took last year and I wish I had one of Daisy (our basset hound, that we had to put to sleep 2 years ago from old age, and a urinary infection that wouldn't go away of and on for a year) that captured her the same way. So, it is my mission to take that kind of picture of all the dogs I know. That one shot that captures their sweet personalities....I haven't gotten them yet but I am working on it. Pooha is very photogenic but for some reason is looking slightly like a crazy haired goat in this picture:

(She is really so much more adorable than this picture makes her look.)

Penny is a bit camera shy. We snapped a couple of her watching Jake eat goldfish (that seemed to really get her attention), but we had just gotten back from the walk so she was panting. Although adorable, I think I can do better. I think she was even smiling for this one, but her eyes are a little creepy. We will try again and get the perfect shot of both your sweet dogs.

So, don't worry about your dogs. We will take good care of them for you. Have fun on your cruise and be safe! We haven't really decided if we are actually going to give them back but we will let you know! :) Just kidding of course. Thanks for letting us enjoy some doggie time while you go cruisin'.

Love-Carrie, Jake, and Aaron (he's not here, but I am sure he would agree...well maybe not...he is a picture taking party pooper so he may think this is all craziness.)