Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Weekly Brain Declutter...

*Why did I reach in my desk for a pen, grab one that won't work...and then put it back in my desk..?

*I am so thankful to be an American. My prayers are going out for the people of Egypt...To all the people in the world that aren't as blessed as we are to live in a free country.

*Glad trash bags scented with Febreze, vanilla scent, ROCK! I am cleaning the sun room while I blog and the whole room smells like vanilla. I am picking up the mess on the table I made when I was clipping coupons...2 days ago...Why? Aaron wasn't here (school/work) last night so Jake and I just ate on the cocoa table (when Jake was little he asked why we called the coffee table that since we didn't drink coffee...hence cocoa table has been its name ever since, and ours is awesome...I will post a picture some probably is already some where on my blog...), with the TV OFF...

*Jake had a field trip to Discovery Place in Charlotte yesterday. He LOVED it. We haven't been for several years (since we didn't live here!) and is already ready to go back. They got to watch an I-MAX movie about the Alps. That is education. Not sitting in classroom for 7 hours... :)

*I enjoyed watching Jake encourage a boy on his basketball team with disabilities last night at his practice. Two days in a row of witnessing him making amazing decisions. He is wonderful. I am a proud mom. I wish I had about 3 more just like him. :)

*I have a title for my first book..."A year with out a dog". Crazy, I know but it is in my head so no surprise there. That is probably where it will stay...A book that only I would want to read. :)

*Dogs are coming to our house today! Penny and Pooha will have a vacation at our house, while Nana and Papa Harmon go on a cruise. The dog beds (yes that is plural) have been brought up from the basement....Nana may not get your dogs back. :) Just kidding...kind of...

*Reading sometimes makes me feel dumb. I can't believe the things that I should probably know, but I don't...I am going to keep reading though, because I feel smarter after. :)

*I keep making the :) symbol because I keep smiling at how random my brain is. How de-cluttering really sweeps away the cobwebs...It works doesn't it Melissa? She tried it on her blog and she has a very random brain too. That is a compliment...I think at least. It means you have a lot going on in your brain. How can that be a bad thing?

*I need to stop blogging and clean my house, do laundry, and...about 100 other things.

*Blogging is a great tool for procrastinators....I am done de-cluttering my brain...Now on to the house...yikes.

*You knew this would more thing...I already know the name of the blog Jake would post on if we home schooled... "Jake's Commonplace Blog". If you don't know what this is referencing you should read "A Thomas Jefferson Education" (another plug for an amazing book). Thomas Jefferson contributed to a book that his mentor called "The Commonplace Book". This is were fellow students of his mentor wrote down things that came into their mind (from their studies....) and they wanted to share with their peers. Amazing idea right? We will just put a twist on it from book to blog. Smart right? If we home school that would be awesome!