Friday, May 30, 2014

Brain Declutter: Because it has been awhile...

...and I have no motivation to do anything to day.

*I wait to long to get my hair cut and buy new bras.  I did both this week and it is great.  My hair is down and my boobs are up.  Sorry but it is true.

*This is my last day being a 37 years old.

*I had the best salad EVER yesterday at Panera Bread.  I ate every last bit and could have licked the bowl.  It was Romaine lettuce with thin strips of grilled chicken, blueberries, mandarin oranges, strawberries, walnuts, and poppy seed dressing.  I am typing this here now so if I ever forget how amazingly delicious it was I will see this and make it immediately and be happy.

*I am sick of unpacking.  We have enough stuff.  Why is there more to unpack?  Besides our books that don't fit on the shelf-I still want to unpack those when I have more book shelves.

*This time of year is slightly depressing.  I know graduating is a milestone and a great thing it is just sad to see another school year end.  Did we accomplish all I had hoped?  No.  Have we accomplished a ton? Yes.  But that is not the part that is sad.  It is the part where I only have 5 more years of school with Jake...{tear}.

*We need to go to the library and sign up for the summer reading program today.  Then I can say I accomplished something.

*I am loving Navy blue lately.  I love other colors off and on but I always love Navy blue.  I think it is because Aaron and Jake both look so great in it.

*Why did the garbage man not pick up our trash yesterday?

*I am still sticking to my not watching HGTV boycott and I don't really miss it.  And they probably don't miss me either.

*When I am picking out my outfit for the day I  always picture myself in it skinny.  It looks so much better that way.  One day I will be skinny again.

*I need some fruit pizza ASAP.

*I need to make some strawberry freezer jam ASAP.

*I need to do the dishes ASAP.

*I need to take a nap. :)

*I have emerald green nail polish on in honor of my birthstone.  I need to repaint it so it will look great for my birthday tomorrow....because that is really important...?...not really!

*Some day I think I want an emerald ring.

*I am done.

Now my brain is empty because that was really pretty much all that was in it.  :)