Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Beach and Back again...

Myrtle Beach.  Nee, Papa, Anika, Sam, Saku, Jake, and me.  We did a little school, lots of boogie boarding, "sitting on waves", playing in the sand, reading on the beach, playing on big chess board, lazy river tubing, walking on the beach at night, other beachy things, etc., etc.  I took 150 something pictures and narrowed it down to 48 and here they are with "titles" to got with them (in other words a few words and a lot of pictures):

1.  School: Biomes
2.  Let's get this over with
3. To the BEACH!
4.  Hurry up and take the picture
5.  A little more school...
6.  I found sea shells by the seashore...
7.  Love this face
8.  His feet are sinking
9.  Seashells and sand
10.  Boogie Board
11.  Salt air
12.  Bad pedicure that the salt and sand can't destroy
13.  Watermarked sand and shells
14.  Pure joy
15. A good read on the beach
16.  72
17.  Water filter system
18.  The plan takes shape
19.  I heart this face
20.  And this one. 
21.  Tubing
22.  Pink checks means more freckles
23.  Red face, white legs.
24.  The planned photo bomb
25. Did I mention freckles?
26.  Cousins
27.  Sunset
28.  Beach walk with my boy
29.  To pose-y
30.  Playing volleyball with a full moon
31.  Going long
32.  Farmers tan arms and a perfectly pink face
33.  Moonbeam at dusk
34.  A lone leaf
35.  Wave walking
36.  The light is going
37.  Jake and the full moon
38.  My favorite foamy wave picture.Ever.
39.  Getting darker
40.  Perfect moon beam over the waves
41.  Cousins ready to swim
42.  Cousins that want to strangle me for taking another picture
43.  Venturing out
44. We would never make it in Hawaii...these waves are humongous.
45.  7 minutes later and they gave up
46.  Giant chess
47.  Thinking...
48.  One last look