Thursday, May 8, 2014

The last load of the big stuff... in!  I am so excited!!!

Welcome home cocoa table!
 So glad you are finally here to hold our tray and my book...and other things I am sure will find there way onto you soon.
 My flying pig is happily smelling a yummy vanilla candle...That is one of the familar smells of  our home.
 My pig (she needs a name...hmmm...I need to work on that) is perched above a little pile of favorite books and one soon to be read book: To Kill A Mockingbird (we are going to start it in a few days Shannon!). We just have to finish reading A Wind In The Door first.  Jake and I were looking for The American Patriot's Almanac yesterday morning...We both said we saw it but couldn't remember where...I found it Jake!
 Above our couch there is a pass through to the kitchen...
 I love it!  I do not love that there seems to be a slight clog in my kitchen sink-hence the liquid plumber on the counter...
 This is what it is like from the kitchen side.  Yes that is the Fox News Channel.  It almost always is when I am the one in charge of the remote.  I love HGTV but I am boycotting (they cut a show before it even aired because the hosts were outspoken Christians and liberals are offended by that...idiots.  The liberals not the Christians), most likely temporarily because I love it too much to it give up forever.  I am weak like that...Like my Food Network boycott after they fired Paula Dean....Sorry Paula...I just love the Pioneer Woman too much...I am rambling....Back to the subject!
 We don't have stools yet but my mom left her painting stool here so I am using it for now.  There is actually a stool the old homeowners left in "the studio" that I just need to go down and get.  I will but not tonight...I am done for the day!  I will introduce you to "the studio" soon...
 Right now I am blogging and watching Fox News. :)
 The buffet made it into the dining room....(My Daisy picture most likely will not hang there.  I just wanted to put something on the buffet and that was as much energy as I was willing to extend this evening)
 ...Dining room/library.  Eventually I am going to get two more of these Billy bookcases from Ikea to fill the wall.  Allen once said they were going to decorate their house with books.  I LOVE that idea!  I have always wanted a library.  This counts to me. :)  Just a few boxes left in the corners of the room...
 I am in the hall in this picture...Just to give you all an idea of the lay out.  To the right of the buffet is were you go into the kitchen...but I guess that is pretty obvious.
 Our bedroom!  Hello armoire!
 Isn't it so pretty...{sigh}...I love it.  Aaron is going to take a picture (a landscape.  He won an award at a state art show in high school for his photography.  I told you he can do anything.  I am a pretty awesome photographer too if I do say so myself! And I am modest too!  Hehehee!) and we are going to frame it and put it above the bed...Oh!  I just had and idea for the frame we can use!  I am clapping  my hands in delight right now!..When it happens I will post it. 
 I can't wait to put some nails in the wall and hang pictures to really make it feel like home.  I am not going to do it though until everything is unpacked!  I have hung two pictures already but that was on nails that were already there so it doesn't count.  Those curtains cover our closet.  The old homeowner made my day by leaving all her curtains!  She has good taste.
 Just another view so you can see the awesome rug I love so much.  Ikea for  $19.99.  How do they do that?!
Next project:  Finish the few boxes that are here and Jake's room.  Hanging posters!!...Then we have to go back to the old house and clean and get the rest of the stuff we really don't need....A blessing and a curse! It is soooo nice not to have had to rush out of the house..But it is so hard to want to go and finish the job.  I just want to sit in my pretty new vintage house and be happy!  How am I going to do it you ask?  I told Jake I am going to pay him to help.  He was going to help any way because he is our child and this is a family job...BUT when you offer a child money they get extremely enthused to do it and will do 3 x's as much because they wants $$$$!  And it will happen quicker because Jake wants $$$$!  It is amazing what the promise of $10 will make a 12 1/2 year old do.  I know...I am an evil genius.

One more thing....

I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!!  I know it is our house but I can call it my house too.