Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 Pages on Pine, Spartanburg County Public Libraries bookstore (used books from the the library), had the "Mother of all Sales" this past weekend.  You got a foot of books for $1.  They literally took a ruler, put it next to your stack of books, measured it, and told you it was a $1, or go get another book it is not quite enough...Wha???!!!!  To this is said OKAY!!!!!  Eight times!!!!

This was the first load I took out to the car.
All these books for $2!!!

Then I went back for more.  One of the sweet ladies that worked there said, "You are either opening your own library our you are a school teacher."  I told her I homeschooled and she was excited I was finding books that would help in that pursuit.

This is what  $8 worth of books (or 8 feet of books!) looks like.  Is it just me or do you hear the angels singing in the background while looking at this picture?

Don't look to closely at the titles...Some of you may be getting a book or two for Christmas...

I am slowly building up my Little House on the Prairie collection again.  Like a fool I gave it away a few years ago to a friend who had twin girls about 9 at the time and she wanted them to read the series.  I gave her my childhood set-the yellow ones with the cardboard box to slide them in.  I remember I wrote Carrie Michele Graves on the box in cursive.  Oh well!  I am sure they enjoyed it and will pass it on to some other little girl.  I kind of like the idea of having all different colors.  The one on top of this pile is a series that has spun off from Little House and I thought I would give it a try too.

Remember the Childcraft Encyclopedia's? We had them as children and I don't think we did more than occasionally flip through them...I have been wishing I had another chance to read them and there was the whole series for about $1.50.  They are about 18 inches.

I am a Bush family fan can you tell?  They didn't have anything by Bush 41, but maybe the will next time.  The store always has great prices, or so the sign said-it was my first time there.  Usually hard cover books are $2 and paperbacks are $1.

We just gave Dad the two book John Adams series for his birthday which was today.  Happy birthday Dad!  A few books I got two copies of so Jake and I can be reading it simultaneously.

I am reading Mr. Darcy's Daughters right now that I got there.  It is 20 years after Pride and Prejudice and I have to say, to my surprise, I like it!  I was doubtful, I have to admit.

There were even Norman Rockwell books!  I got two copies. One to keep and one to take pages out and frame!!!!  I remember I loved to look at the pictures when I was little and make up stories to go along with them.  There is one picture I loved where a soldier has come home and is standing in front of his apartment building....I think it is in the book...

 is!  This was always one of my favorites. I always wondered if the girl hiding on the side was his girl friend or if she had a crush on him and was going to tell him when he got back...I love Norman Rockwell...

It is amazing the little things you remember from your childhood.  I am so excited to share some books from my childhood with Jake. 

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

"I cannot live without books."
To that I say, Amen.