Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1st's in our 4th....

This is our 4th house...

and here are some 1st's in it.

 First time parking in the carport.
 First good picture of our big tree.
 First meal: Chinese takeout.

First thing I organized: our closet.  By color!  Isn't it soooo pretty?  Wonder how long it will last....
First picture on the wall: In the spare bedroom.  It is Jake's first finger painting.  I think he was about 8 or 9 months old.  He is 12 1/2 in this picture and not too thrilled with having to take it. :)
See his tiny little hand print?
First time I have seen Aaron paint a room...I didn't know he could edge so well.  After almost 17 years I am still learning about his mad skills.  I am pretty sure he can do anything.

First time we have every had a toilet in our front yard for several days.  I am hoping it will disappear soon...New toilets are the best though so it is worth it. 
First romp in the back yard with Sadie.
First amazingly shaped Dorito...ever for us!  It was a perfect arrow.

First meal in the Sunroom with our plants that haven't found their proper homes in our house yet.
For some reason all I can see when I look at this picture is the fake grin and "teen" on his shirt.  This is last summers t-shirt for the libraries summer reading program...They include rising 7th graders as "teens", so my 11 year old was officially a teen according to the library last summer.  The end of this summer he really will be a wow.
The first time Sadie waited patiently for some one to give her drop some food for her while we ate on in the Sunroom.
First time some one, other than me, took a picture in our new house.
First poop scoop and lawn cutting.  Saku was dying to cut the grass and Jake was more than happy to let him!
First dinner guests on Cinco de Mayo.  Last Thursday was the first official lunch guests.  We ate Taco Bell for lunch while everyone helped load the trucks (we didn't rent a big truck we just did lots of loads in Papa Harmon and Erin's trucks and Mom & Dad's Jeep and ours.  We are still going back and forth doing little loads.  It is nice when you only move 5 minutes away and have a couple of weeks to move out) and unload...and I didn't take any pictures of that.  Thank you our amazing family for helping!  This is also in the Sunroom eating yummy burritos.  Homemade-not Taco Bell. 

First book on the book shelf.
First time putting Ikea Billy bookcases together and we put both of them together wrong...The one on the left is pretty obvious.  The top is on backwards and we can't take it apart because you have to nail the back on....Mom says she can make it look perfect.  The one on the left isn't so bad.  The screws are supposed to be on top so you can't see them but I just put tall books on the top shelf and you can't even see the screws...Lesson learned: read all of the directions first.
I love this house. :)