Tuesday, May 20, 2014


That stands for Latter-Day Saint Home Educators!  A couple of weeks ago Tina called me and told me that there was a "Mormon" homeschooling convention.  To this I said: "WHAAAAA?!?!?  Sign us up!"  And we are here in VA Beach now and it starts tomorrow!!!!!  EEEEEKKKKK!!!  I am so excited!!!  

The view from our hotel room....
 There is a cool sign and everything!
 The big kids got bags...and you can kind of see the one we grown up get on Tina's shoulder.
 The little's will be hanging out with Nee.
 We decided to enjoy the beach a little this evening....
 I love this face.  It is my favorite.
 All our shoes.
 This was Ben and Braedyn's first time on the beach.
 Brae was not sure what to think...
 Ben thought it was pretty cool.
 His face says it all! Anika was trying really hard not to get wet!
 Sand on his toes?  Not so much!
 My tag, my favorite nail polish, and VA beach.
 My feet are really swollen from being in the car all day but I just had to document the fact that my ugly nail polish hasn't even chipped a little bit...
 This is what our bags look like.  I love bags. :)
 Jake took a dip in the pool too.  There isn't really time in the schedule to hit the beach and pool again until Friday so he couldn't resist a quick dip.
 Again with the cute face that I love. 
I am soooo lucky to have the best husband in the world.  I have already attended a homeschooling conference this year (which I still need to post about because it was AWESOME!) and he still told me to sign up and go to this one!  Anika, Sam, and Jake are looking over the schedule right now figuring out which seminars they are going to go to.  At some points in the schedule there are three different classes to choose from and they are all going to a different one so they can come back and share what they learned.  I told them about how I decided at the last minute sometimes to go to a different class and every time I did there was something that really touched my heart and that I needed to hear.  Jake was going to go to a hands on science class but he changed his mind because he feels a warm feeling in his heart that he needs to go to a class about developing your talents instead.  I can't wait to hear what he learns.  :)