Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is a long one...Puppy pictures and other things I have forgotten to blog about...

****WARNING: If you don't like puppies avert your eyes****
(If you don't like puppies there is something wrong with you... :) )
We have had this little ball of fluff in our house for 2 weeks now, and she has totally stolen our hearts. We, for whatever reason, always give our dogs middle names. We are going back in forth between May and Monster. Sadie May sounds so sweet and was our first dog, Daisy's (a crazy basset hound) middle name. But, I have to say that Monster may be more fitting. Don't get me wrong she is as sweet as can be, but in case you didn't know, puppies can be a bit like monsters. They have razor sharp teeth that they use on you! They of course don't realize how much it hurts-but IT DOES. I have many battle wounds on my hands to show for it. They happen when you are playing and they can't get the toy so they get you instead...So, I will let you know which middle name sticks, but I am rooting for Monster. Sadie had her first Vet visit on Monday and they said she was perfect-something I already knew. :) The vet kept saying she is going to a BIG dog. Emily (our last black lab) was 100 pounds so we are ready. The phase when your puppy is still a puppy mentally but not physically is always fun, but we have been there and done that, so we will survive. Sadie is pretty smart. If her water is empty and she needs some she puts her paw in the bowl and makes a racket until you fill it. If she has to go #2...sorry this is my journal too, so I have to document it...She whines, chases her tail and runs for the front door. She could have just gone #1 outside (or on occasion inside...) in the back yard, but she will come in the house and run for the front door. And Mom, contrary to what Jake was telling you on the phone she is doing really well in potty training. He made it sound like she pee's all over the place and we don't even pay attention. Puppies are like toddlers that just learned how to walk-you have to always keep your eye on them. The vet was impressed at how well she walks on a leash and the fact that I brought two chew toys with me. What can I say? I am a mom, I like to be prepared...Sadie is 13 pounds and 9 weeks old. She feels like a feather so I am surprised she weighs that much already! Okay...Okay, enough rambling about Sadie. Here are the puppy pic's:

How can you resist that little face?!
Who knew they had mini tennis balls!?

Sadie stuck between the screen and the door...She really is smart I swear...Look at all those toys!...and Jake's flip flop...Greedy little thing. Her toys are never good enough! :) She loves her "house" she goes in and out all day long. (She peed on her other blanket so Jake agreed to temporarily let her borrow this blanket until the other one is clean.)
I couldn't resist this one...This is the day we got Sadie, on the ride home. She was pretty tired, so she took a snooze.
Seeing this picture of her little self makes me realize how much she has grown already...
The new place we keep our shoes since we have a puppy.
...and our garbage cans.
She doesn't like to go outside with out us. I was cleaning the sun room and the weather was beautiful so I left the door open. She stood in the door and looked around forever before she finally ventured out on her own.

And on to the other things I have forgotten to post:

Just to make you feel better if you are having a "I am a horrible mother" day:
In music at school they are learning to play the recorder. Jake is a recorder rock star...When we remember to put it in his backpack...We forgot it 2 weeks and got this fun little note saying if he forgets one more time he will get a "N"...Not one of my "Mom of the Year" moments...

We had fun making Valentine's to send to Nee and Papa on their mission...I am sad to day the is the last letter we wrote them...Sorry we are so slack!!!! Jake's love bug:

Aaron was there for moral support. We cut him a lot of slack since the poor guy is either working, studying, humoring us, or in very small amounts of time sleeping. :) He has also just gotten his Kindle so I don't blame him. :)
A couple of Upward b-ball pic's

And one more Sadie shot. She sleeps on the tile or hardwood floor 99.9% of the time. I guess she decided when I used the huge dog bed as a gate from the rest of the house, that this would be a good time to try to sleep on it...
Picture me grumpy right now. I was supposed to have the day off but they screwed up the schedule and asked if I would come in.... and because I am an IDIOT, I said yes. Awesome. I get to work for 3 little hours (that will mess up my whole day because those were hours Jake is at school and I wouldn't feel guilty I was neglecting him...) just to make about $20 after taxes and still have a messy house....I was going to clean the whole house today. I have been spending the morning blogging and reading (I deserve a little break on my day off right?), and being quiet to let Aaron sleep and THEN I was going to clean the, hiss, hiss...(that is me murmuring....)