Thursday, March 3, 2011

Simple Pleasures: #1- Nice People & #2- A Clean House

I was so excited to have the day off yesterday...until I didn't...I had a plan to tackle every room. Then the phone rang and I looked at it and it said Bi-Lo...I knew what answering the phone would mean. That I would have to flush my wonderful cleaning plan down the toilet, when I all I really wanted to do was clean the toilet!...What did I do? I answered it and my glorious day off was vaporized...I was talking to a friend at work (...maybe murmuring a little that I had to be working...) and I said "Why did I have to answer the phone and say yes?!". To this she said: "Because that is who you are. You are nice. You want to make people happy." Why was she saying nice things to me?! I was trying to be grumpy and she was making it very difficult. Then I remembered it was Wednesday and at Bi-Lo that is Senior Citizen discount day. That means all the sweetest and nicest old people come in to shop and talk. I joked with my friend by saying: "Geez! I wish they would all stop being so sweet and nice! Don't they know they are ruining my bad mood?!?" :) We laughed. I felt better. So, my #1 simple pleasure is: Nice people...As I sit here thinking of nice people Marjorie Pay Hinckley popped into my head, so I went to the book shelf and took out "Small and Simple Things" by this sweet lady. I flipped through it and came upon this very smart thing she said: "Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." My battle was being grumpy yesterday. I am thankful for all the nice people that were kind to me yesterday-even when I wasn't really deserving of it. :)

AND...I am happy to report: If you were to knock on my front door I would let you in! I would let you go in any room you wanted...I may not let you open all the closets, but I only had half a day people!!! My #2 simple pleasure today is a clean and tidy home! YIPPEEEE!!!! No it is not perfect, it is so much better than it was. I could feel the stress leaving all of us. I am a happy camper.

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