Friday, March 4, 2011

Brain Declutter: A Week in Review

*I finished "Anne of Green Gables" and the word that keeps coming into my mind when I think of it is: Lovely. It really is a lovely book. Wouldn't this world be a better place if we all looked at it the way Anne (with an "e" :) ) looks at it? I can't wait to read "Anne of Avonlea", but I have too. I am reading the list of books suggested in The Thomas Jefferson Education to start my "research" for homeschooling. If you haven't read this book you should!!!

*I got so sick of looking at the stack of papers in my coupon basket (I had already cut out the ones I knew I was going to use and keep going back through to see if there is anything else I need...) that I...believe it or not...THROW THEM AWAY! The good coupons were already cut out and I kept coming across ones that were expired (yes the stack was that large), so I just chucked them. Check that off my list of things to do! :)

*I have enjoyed going back through Sister Hinckley's book "Small and Simple Things". What a remarkable person she was. I can't wait to meet her in Heaven. I hope some day when people look back on my life they can say I was remarkable...I better get going if I want that to happen. :)

*I am so happy for the weekend!! Enough said on that point. :)

*I really want to see the documentary "Waiting for Superman". Have any of you seen it? It is about the decline of the public school system.

*I have big plans in the works for our summer. I am calling it "A Book of Mormon Summer"...More on that later...

*The Dog Whisperer-Cesar Milan, really is a genius of dogs. Every time I do one of his techniques on Sadie it works!

*Jake went to bed at 6:30 last night because he had a headache. I was so glad when he woke up fine...I was afraid another sickness was looming...

*We are going with Sadie May since Cesar says not to give your dogs negative names...and Sadie Monster could be taken as negative...since we were calling her that when she was acting like a monster! :)

*I need to stop blogging and get ready for work! Have an amazing weekend! I plan on it too! :)