Thursday, March 3, 2011

Highs and Lows...

High: I am feeling less stressed since my house is picked up.
Low: I think the cleaning products affected my vision because it really isn't as awesome as I thought it was...Bummer.

High: Even though it isn't as picked up as I deluded myself into thinking it was, it is still soooooooo much better. Also, I have time to finish the job today!
Low: I don't really want to though...But I will. Right after we take our crazy puppy on a walk. We are going to see if she can walk a whole mile today. :)

High: The Pine Wood Derby is on Saturday!
Low: The procrastination of actually making the car must end. Aaron and Jake finally started it last night...They cut it out last night. Sanding happens today. Painting tomorrow. Along with wheels and weights tomorrow night or Sat. morning. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I have nothing to do with this though. This is totally a guy thing.

High: It really is feeling and looking like Spring around here!
Low: That means 100 degree with weather, without access to a pool is only a few months away. :(

What are your highs and lows of the week so far? Link up over at: Memoirs of Mrs. Harris