Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winter Days In The South....

 ...some times means short sleeves while tossing the football with your dad.

And of course the smell of the fire from the leaves burning in the fire pit.  I will be sad when that pile is all burnt because I have enjoyed feeding my guys snacks while they work and play together.  

These short sleeve winter days also mean teaching Sadie to catch her Frisbee in mid air.  And she is so proud of herself for learning it.

 She probably loves that we all hoot and holler when she catches it.  She always brings it back to me even though I am not the one throwing it.  She knows her mommy is yelling the loudest.

And a little reward...Frozen Diet Dr. Pepper over flows when it melts a little and you open it!

Warm winter days in the South also mean that guys will wrestle.

I just don't get it.

Sadie doesn't either.  She can't quit decide if they are playing or beating each other up.

She is trying to get in on the action and intervene at the same time.

And it always ends like this...hopefully right before some one gets hurt.  This time we were lucky and no one did.

And warm winter days in the South mean relaxing while checking out the pictures in the clouds.

I almost missed this guy surfing on a heart.

Dogs love these days the best because it means they get to share their yard with their family.

This all happened, last Saturday, in the evening after Jake got home from Merit Badge College.  He made this cool contraption in his electricity class.  I need to take more pictures of it.  On the back you can see all the places he had to solder together.

He was there from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (a long day that I am so counting as a school day!) but when it is like spring in the winter you have to take advantage of it. 
We have a little wood pile now thanks to Aaron and his dad cutting down a limb that was hanging over the drive way.  Now we wait for it to dry out and we can use it next Winter to sit around our fire pit and roast hot dogs and marshmallows on a day that doesn't feel like spring in winter.
Aaron and I went out to lunch and Sam's Club while Jake was gone all day.  That is two dates in a week!  That is a record for us!

In the South you never know what you are going to get.  This winter has been mild but we still cherish the days that don't feel like winter at all.  We are getting ready for what we are hoping will be some real winter.  As I am typing this the wind is so loud outside, bringing in a cold front, that I can hear it over the NBA All Star 3 Point competition on TV.  We are crossing our fingers for snow on Monday.  We haven't had any except the flurries Jake saw in the middle of the night on Halloween.  We are due some real winter...but I am glad we had some warm days and the memories that go along with them.