Friday, February 13, 2015


 Mom and Dad are getting laminate wood floors through out their house.  After their sun room was done and they were putting the furniture back in it they realized they like how open it was with out Dad's drawing table in it.  Mom asked if we wanted it and I said, "YES!!!!".  It is perfect for our kitchen.  I need to better picture and I will but for now I can't wait!  The granite was broken (Dad fixed it a while ago but it broke again.  But it still works for now!) but perfectly in two and it goes right back together.  Aaron is going to fix it or see if his contractor has any small pieces the can't use.

The first thing it was used for was to prep our meal of leftover lasagna and oranges...and milk...Sound like a gross combination but it was delicious.

Aunt Sheila saw it and said it was made to be in our kitchen.  I agree wholeheartedly!  It fits perfectly!

Here's to hand-me-downs and perfect fits!  Thank you Mom and Dad!