Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice, Ice Baby

It snowed!   Just kidding.  It is all ice.  This is when it started last night. 

And this is our winter wonderland this morning.

The drive way would make a great skating rink!

For that matter, so would the road...

And now I can't stop taking pictures....

Sadie couldn't understand why she couldn't pick up her favorite stick!

The icicles on the shed were pretty impressive.  There were only small ones hanging off the gutters on the house.  I think that is supposed to be a good sign our house is well insulated.

... Am I making that up or did I actually hear that some where?

Solid as a rock!

Her frisbee was stuck in the ice too....

That is pretty thick ice on top of the clothesline.

You can even tell which way the wind was blowing!

Even oil marks are pretty when the world around you looks like a fairy tale.  I just took these last couple...The ice is starting to melt...and then it will refreeze tonight. :)

This is as much action as the ice saw in our yard.  Pictures taken of it and ice eaten off branches. 

This is my all time favorite ice picture ever...Look at those adorable acorns!!!!  This is a picture I posted to Instagram but this is still no filters.  I love it!
 And no filter on this evergreen shot either...So lovely.

 I used a filter on this picture of our tree to enhance the ice....
But this one is back to no filter...Miraculous really. 

Thank you Mother Nature.  Actually-thank you Heavenly Father.