Saturday, February 14, 2015

Homeschooling Lately...

We finally used clay in art class!  My favorite!!!!...Except I am not the student so I don't get to do it.  :(   I just may buy another tub and we can have fun with it at home!  They all loved it.  And I had to use break out my math skills to make sure everyone had the same amount....because they would notice.

Jake (finally-we signed up back in October) started volunteering at the library!  And we just found out he can earn a merit badge for Scouts in reading and part of it is 4 hours of volunteering at a library!  He doesn't think it is all that fun but he has found some cool books he probably never would have otherwise.  I think it is pretty fun. I am going to be a name badge next time since I am doing it too. :)

After volunteering we can always hang out in the Teen Room.  It is pretty empty during the day.

Jake went to a Merit Badge College and is earning the personal management badge.  It takes three months to earn and you have to track your money.  Aaron taught Jake to make a spread sheet to track it and Jake thinks it is pretty awesome.

Enough said....Except I will add that he was so excited when he read about Einstein's theory of gravity.  Getting excited about learning is cool.

This particular collage is:
Jake's shadow was an arrow, racking at Nee and Papa's, playing the guitar, reading and studying all things Ivanhoe, reading some more and making a mess....Those are all things homeschooling because we always are....You can and do learn anywhere at any time! 

I am glad I am posting these pictures from the week before last (....I am in perpetual catch up mode and I am starting to come to grips with it....), because this past week had me shaking my head wondering why we torture ourselves homeschooling....And then I repeat to myself: divine invitation, divine invitation....We are doing this for a reason.  The reason this week was not clear.  Maybe so next week (which is going to be particular reason why-just that is has to be) will seem even better! :)