Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Unexpected Date Night!

It has been a while since I posted anything to document that Jake is in fact not perfect.  Great timing!  Just last week he reminded me (not that I had forgotten...In fact right now he is reminding me of it...) that I haven't kept it real around here lately.  He is adorable but sometimes he drives me slightly insane...

On Friday I was meeting a friend for lunch (something I pretty much never do-obviously) and I had to run some errands after that.  Jake had his list of things to do for school.  All the things he needed my help with were taken care of and he assured me he would get to work and finish his "to do list: of assignments. 

Well. He didn't.  So we got to spend Friday evening finishing it (because it goes from school work to homework and we don't do homework on Saturday's or Sunday's-with the exception of reading) while Aaron and I went out and had dinner at Chipolte's and then picked up some ribs at Sam's Club.

Jake is grounded from his Lego's and his Kindle for two weeks since that is what he did instead of his school work and cleaning his room. He wants this year to count as 9th grade (all his core classes are 9th grade level) so he has to be more responsible.  He failed this particular test of responsibility but it won't happen again.

This also happened last week...
See what I mean?  Adorable but drives me slightly insane.  I posted this Wed of last week (the day after we had gone to the temple and not gotten all the work done that needed to be done that day.  He agreed he would double up on Wednesday in order to go to the Temple...HE AGREED)  I walked out of my bedroom and chatted with Jake for a few minutes.  I told him we had a lot to do for school so we better get started.  He rolled his eyes and groaned.  He got grumpy and moaned...and groaned again...and I...?  I went back to bed.  I didn't sleep, I just didn't want to start my day like that so I removed myself from the situation.   There are days, most day in fact (keeping it real...)  that I wonder why the heck we are doing this.  Then I remember that "divine invitation" and pray a little more that I won't go crazy in the process of trying to raise and teach a productive member of society.  So far, so good.