Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowmagedon 2015

It is later and I am on a roll (Aaron and Jake are out Home Teaching so I am taking advantage of the quiet...even though there are dishes in the sink and our room looks like laundry exploded in it...still) so I may as well post something that happened today and be COMPLETELY UP TO DATE OF MY BLOG!  That will be amazing so with our further ado....I give you SNOWMAGEDON 2015!

 Okay so this is after people and dogs had walked around a little but there was less snow than on Tuesday and they said we were going to get 4 to 6 inches.  Friends of ours across town got several nice fluffy inches...we got slush.  A few minutes in to playing, as I was coming outside, Jake hit and cracked on of the windows in the sunroom with a snowball....!  I was kind of grumpy about it.  I called Aaron and he said, "What a dork.  At least it wasn't one of the house windows."...?  That is all?  He did tell Jake he had to buy him plastic covers for his (Aaron's) new Star Wars comic books (they are just starting to collect them...) which is a grand total of fifty cents.  Aaron is a way cooler parent than me.  I was not happy and Jake was quit aware of it.  He had horrible aim and is now banned from throwing anything in the direction of the house.  You can kind of see at the top that it was apparently already cracked and had clear tap kind of up and under the metal.  Because I love and adore our retro house I apparently over looked the small crack before.  It isn't small any more!

Same snow obsessed dog.  Different day.

Another selfie and yes I am wearing a fleece...but it still wasn't that cold.  The snow was melting all around us.

Sadie's favorite thing is officially catching snowballs and eating them.

Penny thought it was all quit ridiculous.  She literally laid down in the melting snow waiting for us to be done with it all.

Jake throwing a snowball through the air to....

...Sadie!  No that wasn't the same snowball but it looks cool!

Here she is bracing for....

...impact!  She could not get enough!

See...we throw it away from the house now.

Skiing in his sneakers...and there was almost a split

 This was almost a bust too, but not quit.  I have to admit I was hoping to capture at least one but he stayed upright. :)

I can almost hear Penny saying, "Seriously people, are you done yet?"

This didn't slide at all...


Just to break up the snow are the last three cookies I baked last night that I forgot to take out and I swear were just seconds away from going up in flames.  There is always that last little bit of cookie dough to bake that you just should have eaten....

And here is Jake after buying his first ever comic book today.  The first Darth Vader comic that they had on hold for him since he has gone twice to get it with Aaron and they were out of stock both times.  Jake told me I should read it because he thought I would like it...I passed. 

And for some reason Jake thinks he needs to leave his wet socks on the floor in the kitchen...

Now back to the last few snow pictures...this is a big post because I am banking on this being the last snow of 2015.  Seriously.  I am done Winter.

 The Instagram, improved version of our Snowmagedon selfie....
 This is Sadie right before she jumped into the air, looking like a bear with skinny legs, to catch a snowball (look back up a few pictures and you will see the one I am talking about).
 The crack and the guilty party. more thing....
And this is me taking a selfie.  This is my "seriously" face.  I am wondering why my dirty hair, after wearing a hat out in the snow, looks better than it does on days I wash, use hair products, dry it and straighten (or curl it) it.  Really?  I had to document it.