Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brain Declutter: Randomness...

*This happened yesterday morning.  Aaron yelled he needed some towels.  He assured me it wasn't "pooh water".  It didn't smell so I am inclined to believe him.  It came from the tank or bowl...I don't know because I am not going in there.  Truth be told, I am not a fan of bathrooms when they aren't having problems.  He thought maybe it needed a new wax ring....more on that later...

*I really don't like it when people say, "my kid".  If you say "kids" it doesn't sound bad, but for some reason "kid" does to me.  It sounds coarse and too casual.  I prefer my "kiddo" or "child".
* One of my least favorite things to do is match socks.  See I can't even take a picture that isn't blurry of socks!  My toes like to breath and socks hinder that...but in the winter I have to wear them.  My favorite socks are Jake's hand-me-downs.  Boy socks are so much better for some reason.  To me these match...enough.  You can't see them when my shoes are on.  They have the same pattern.  Close enough.  And I have another pair just like it.

*Since we can't use the toilet in our bedroom we have to use the main bathroom.  We call it Jake's bathroom.  We all shower in it but he (and guests) are the only ones who use the toilet.  Jake likes his toilet paper over.  I am and under girl but I left it the way it is.  That is a pretty big step for me.  I am a control freak.

*I found Febreze vanilla candles (not the vanilla latte-just plain vanilla.  I don't like the latte ones because they smell like coffee)!!!  They used to make them all the time but now I just find them here and there randomly and only every now and then.  They smell so good...

*I love to eat frozen strawberries as a snack.

*We don't qualify for the Obamacare tax credit.  We tried to see if we did because we pay over $900 a month for health insurance.  We didn't want to get Obamacare just on principle, but $900 a month is killing us...but we don't qualify for the tax credit so we would paying even more ($1200) if we switched to Obamacare.  I am not fond of that man.  At all.

*I am loving Taylor Swift's new songs.  Jake hates this song.  He doesn't mind Shake it off but for some reason he hates this song.  I however love it.  A lot.  She doesn't take her self to0 seriously and she wrote a great song making fun of what people think of her.  And it has a catchy tune.  Love it.

*Sugar free maple flavored syrup isn't that bad.

*Why do I feel like I need to take a nap every time I sleep in?

*It is now later:  You know you still have problems with your toilet when it is now facing the wrong direction.  It isn't just the wax ring.  There is a clog.  Aaron and Jake tried to fix it but can't.  We need to replace some of the caste iron pipes.  Aaron tried to open the clean up pipe (or something like that) under the house and it won't even open.  Old (adorable) house problems.  I guess we know what we are going to do with our tax returns!...I guess we better do the taxes...

*Just because.

*When Jake got home from Merit Badge College he was talking about the the soldering tool he used but he said, "smouldering pencil". :)

*Declutter completed.