Saturday, February 14, 2015

Picture's of food...

 For no reason except I like to take pictures of it.

This week I made zucchini lasagna (for me. I made regular for my guys. Aaron and Jake wouldn't even take a bit of mine) and it was soooo good.  The zucchini takes the taste of what you cook with it.  I also made Swedish meatballs (because I love meatballs).  For the guys regular noddles.  For me with spaghetti squash.  Some time soon I am not going to give them an option and they will realize veggies are a great alternative. 
This is not healthy but everyone once in a while won't kill ya!  This is not a great picture of Jake but he is still cute...and he wasn't going to wait for me to take another one! :) Focus: Jake=blurry biscuit...
Focus: biscuit=blurry Jake.
 I read some where that lime enhances the flavor of chicken and I decided to test it.  Why did it take me so long to learn this?!  I was cooking up some cubed chicken (in a cast iron skillet...why have I not used one all my life?) with olive oil and some spices.  When it was partially cooked I squeezed some lime on it and the results were:  DELICIOUS! You don't taste the limes...but you do!  I can't even explain it.  Try it.  You will be glad you did.  So..,I have pictures of limes...but none of the chicken.  Next time.
 My last vice that I am slowly weening myself from.  I put it in the freezer to get it cold and forgot about it.
It was like eating a slushy...I will be making that mistake again-for sure!!!

 I tried a new recipe (if you want to call it that.  No recipe to follow really I just saw it and it is pretty self explanatory!) for Jake this week.  Crescent rolls, ham, and a string cheese.  This is an easy fun lunch that Jake loved and thought I was awesome for making.

One more thing....
 I just had to take this picture.  It is just leftovers for lunch but he is wearing his "tough shirt".  Aaron called red and navy stripped shirts touch shirts when he was little.  I didn't realize Jake still had one that fit!  That is what happens when all the clothes that Jake wears all the time are dirty-he digs deeper into his dresser. 

Food in is all part of the memories we make every day!