Friday, February 13, 2015

My Valentine Knows Me...

I am not a rose girl and my Valentine knows this.  He should after 18 Valentine days together. :) We are old...and he knows I like surprises so he gave them to me a day early.
 I am a daisy girl.  That is why our Daisy dog was Daisy...and lets face it, because it is a perfect Basset Hound name.
 They are "the happiest flower.  Don't you think they are the happiest flower?"  If you know what that quote is from than you are awesome.  If you know it is from one of my all time favorite movies than you know me well.  If you don't know than I am very sad for you because you are totally missing out! 

You've Got Mail.  Go watch it if you haven't.  You will thank me for it because it is "enchanting"!...Also from the movie...gosh go watch it so you will get all my references!