Thursday, February 26, 2015

Last Week...

  There has to be pictures of food!  We love Mexican food and I love chopping, so naturally that leads to pico de Gallo.  I love it.  Aaron loves it.  Jake...nope.

And it is soooo pretty.  Even in a slightly out of focus picture.

Aaron warms up the corn and flour tortillas on the griddle and we eat as the get warm.

We are kind of loving the island in the kitchen.  We just pulled right up to it, ate, and talked.  I will have to remember to take pictures of the whole kitchen now with the island in it.  It really is the perfect size.

I read the only well known book by Jane Austen that I hadn't read yet.  Lady Susan.  It is really barely a book at something like 45 pages...but Austen doesn't need very many pages to paint the picture and make you love (or hate!...Lady Susan is NOT a Lady!) her characters.  I really enjoyed it!  And it is always fun to read books that you can judge by their cover-which is obviously lovely!

 These are the books that Jake has read so far in 2015.  All 2,359 pages worth (and that was last week...he has finished another 700+ page book since then)!  Aunt Gloria he LOVED the Michael Vey books!  He read each one in a couple of days and would have read them quicker if I would have let him!  Eldest was a reread (one of his all time favorite books), and Five Kingdoms is another book he got for Christmas (and is the 2nd in a series).  Walden (I didn't make him read Civil Disobedience-we will come back to that one...luckily it is short!) was officially a school book (but lets face it everything book he reads is school!) and not his favorite (I still need to finish it...).   He thinks Thoreau was crazy.  Hehehe...

Jake was sick all last week.  No fever, so we never did end up going to the doctor but he just couldn't shake it.  He pretty much spent Tuesday and Wednesday in bed (on Monday he stayed home while I went to co-op just to teach art class).  It was one of those colds were you feel horrible when you wake up because of the post nasal drip inflamed sore throat you wake up with and kind of coughing stuff up...Is this too gross?  Sorry.  He laid low and by mid afternoon swore he would be better the next day...It took several "next days" but he survived.

Sorry this is out of focus but I have to document our lives people!  Yoda and Throat Coat herbal tea helped a lot.
 I also remembered an old trick I used to do when I was making Jake quick but yummy breakfasts.  I would put maple syrup on this plate and pop it in the microwave to warm up while his Eggos were warming up in the toaster.

I am trying to steer clear but I broke down and had my favorite Land-O-Lakes French Vanilla hot chocolate last week.  It was c-c-c-cold last week.  Our coldest, by far, week this winter.  Some days we didn't see above freezing and on morning it was 8 degrees.  That is cold for South Carolina!

While I was dying my hair one day (my roots around my face are getting even more gray and I am not ready to look that old) I did a little art work on our chalk board in the kitchen.  It was cold people.  Seriously!

I also brought my antique store find ($25 I think it was) back into the living room.  I love it.

Sadie loves pillows.

I am thinking about getting this clock for the living room.  I have finally decided to do a little gallery wall above the desk in that empty space that has been bothering me for months now.  I am still thinking about it....

 I had been thinking about this bag for four months and when I went to Target last week this was the only one left.  So I finally made up my mind and bought it and I am so happy I did!  My go to bag was starting to rip so it was perfect timing.  I love the pockets on the inside.  Perfect for my phone and the fabric is so pretty!

It is such a happy bag!  It is perfectly neutral with just a pop of color in the straps, which by the way are the perfect length.

And the front pocket is perfect for keys, lip balm, tissues, and hand sanitizer....and anything else because it is a pretty big pocket!  I am loving it!

I mentioned Sadie likes pillows...she also likes the floor...which would pretty much be the opposite of pillows.

On Saturday Jake felt good enough to go the comic book store with Aaron and they came back with The Settlers Of Catan.  We played it.  We loved it.  We are ready to host as many Settler of Catan parties as can in order to play it again.

I like keeping my things organized when I play games.  One day that will carry over to my whole house....

I have my eye out for a new shower curtain too.  I am kind of liking this one from Target.  If we end up getting it I am going to paint the bathroom gray.  There is another one I really like that is large black and white strips.  If we get that one I will paint the bathroom the green color that is in this shower curtain (and also in the pillows in the living room...not that that matters but it kind of does).  Paint colors are easy for me to pick...Wall hangings and shower curtains take me a little more time to weigh my options....

Last week is in the books!  Now on to this snowy week....