Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book #4 of 2015

I really haven't been reading that much this year.  I am finding it hard to jump from World War II to Mr. Darcy to post apocalyptic life...I need a few days in between to refocus to the real world I guess.  This was a great ending to a great series.  Easy reads-vacation books.  Veronica Roth sure has her characters biting their lips and cheeks a lot (can't they do something else when they get nervous or mad?  Crack their knuckles or something?) but other than that annoying point I really enjoyed it.  I won't give the ending away if my great grandchildren read this and then stumble upon my copy of this series...but it didn't make me mad, like it did so many others I talked to.  It seemed to me to be pretty brave of Ms. Roth to end it this way.  Very fitting....Now I need to get Jake to talk a picture with the pile of books he has read so far in 2015.  He is such a book worm. :)