Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Homeschooling...It happens around here a lot....And when I say here, I mean here (the kitchen) and here (the living) room, and here (the dining room).  It can pretty much happen any where.  But this past week it happened all around the house...Not outside because the end of January decided to act like Winter and kept us inside.

Sadie has to know what is going on all the time...unless she is sleeping, which is most of the time.  When she is awake she's a very good listener (sometimes).  This particular day she was sure Jake needed a kiss and a conversation while he was sitting at the table...and she wouldn't leave him alone until it happened.  I love the last picture.  It looks like she was listening to a very important conversation and she didn't want to forget anything!
I like cold.  I like Winter.  I like that it is actually starting to feel like Winter.  I don't however like keeping out the snowman plates after Christmas.  Jake wanted to keep them out after the tree came down, but I don't think we have used anything but the bowls since then...So they are packed away until next Christmas (or would that be this Christmas since we are in 2015...)!

And I couldn't keep the Winter decor in the living room either....It may be Winter outside but it is Spring in here!

I rebelled and read a book before I finished Walden.  I still haven't finished it.  Both Aaron and Jake are telling me not to finish it (especially since we started Ivanhoe for Literature this week) but I am going to...if it kills me.  I made up for all the lost time of reading by (starting and..) finishing (book #3 of 2015) Mr. Darcy's Diary this past weekend.  It was wonderful! There were moments when I felt like the author made Mr. Darcy just a bit too prideful but overall I think she did a brilliant job!  (In my head I just said all that in a British accent so you might want to go back and reread it that way.  It will sound so much better if you do.)

I also took down the Winter plates in the dining room...I had to take a picture because it makes me so happy and Aaron decided to photobomb it.  Truth be told this is a pretty good picture of him.  He is usually making a face in almost all the pictures I take so I call this one a smashing success!  (I went back to my regular accent but  "smashing success" just feels like it should be in a British accent...)

More classic Jake.  I was trying to make spelling more fun so we broke out the Scrabble tiles.  I told Jake to get closer so I could take a picture of him and picture number 3 happened.  Dork.  I love him and all his goofiness.
Last but not least!  I have a sensitive nose and I don't like stinky things.  I have mentioned in the past that Jake is quit stinky(the stinkiest)...As in so stinky "the stink comes down the hall even with a candle on and the door being shut" kind of stinky.  Aaron is only slightly better.  And well my stink isn't great either.  Whose is?  A friend of mine told me about Poo-Pourri.  You spray a few sprays in the toilet before you go and the stink doesn't escape.  I was skeptical but I decided to try it.  It is a MIRACLE!  I also found a "recipe"(that doesn't not sound right at all....) for a homemade version (this little bottle was $8) that I am going to try when this runs out.