Friday, May 14, 2010

A Yankee at heart...

I always say I am a converted Southerner because I love it in the South. I always say I would never move back up to the cold New England winters. I like my snow for a few days and then it melts. Actually I don't mind at all if it stays I just don't want to have to drive over it! Can you tell I am going to follow that with a but?...BUT, I have realized after leaving the mountains (that remind me so much of VT and NH) that IT IS SO HOT DOWN HERE! As I sat in the car waiting impatiently for the AC to cool me down (it was in the low 90's today), I realized I am not a huge fan of heat and humidity! I have known this for...ever, but I am just now admitting it. I like it if I am sitting by the if I am IN a pool but other than that I am not a fan of the hot (HOT!) summer days in the South. It gets so hot you can't really be outside at all or risk heat stroke. I love it here but that is one of the parts I would trade if I could. I thought after almost 21 years in the South I was a Southerner for sure but I guess there is still some Yankee in me. (I can tell already I am going to regret these words...Maybe Aaron won't read this...)

I am still waiting for my Paula Dean accent to kick in, but it hasn't yet. I decided last summer since it had been 20 years since I moved here (and I love it!), I should try to start saying y'all (I seriously just had to spell check that because I didn't know how to spell it...), but I still don't think it sounds right coming out of my mouth. I am really trying to say it though and nobody looks at me strange so it must not sound too bad to them. Sir and Mam came much easier (we don't say that in the north), but I don't really say them around other Yankees. One of my first days at Bi-Lo the store manager (who I hadn't met yet) came over to me and said "You must be a Yankee" with his strong Maine accent (that's right there is a difference in Yankee accents-just like SC's accent is different than GA's). I was surprised by it and secretly a little proud another Yankee could still spot me as one. It turns out I had said have "you guys"blah, blah...(I can't remember now what I was saying...other than the "you guys" part). A term Yankees use just like Southerners use y'all and he heard me and knew I was a Yankee. Aaron claims when I get mad my Yankee accent comes out, but I don't know if it is true or if he is trying to make fun of me so I will stop being mad. Jake even informed me the other day that he is part Yankee. I told him he was really a Southerner since he was born in the great state of North Carolina. But he said nope, he is part Yankee since I am a Yankee.

So, I guess it is true I am still a (little bit) Yankee. And I guess you really wouldn't have to twist my arm for me to move a little more north. But...(did you see that but coming?) the South is my home so I will still claim to be a converted Southerner...And I am going to keep working on my y'all.