Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sun Room

I just realized I forgot to post pictures of a room we use every day! My parents call it the Sun Room. It is a dining room/den/study/computer room...etc! It is a room off the kitchen and we use it everyday so I don't know how I forgot to post about it! We are going to paint it eventually. Mom loved the color of our playroom at our house in Fletcher and wanted to paint this room that color but didn't get a chance so we are some point. (I will have to post pictures of our house in Fletcher. I loved our house!) In the mean time my picture above the mantel doesn't really match but it will eventually!

A view of the right side of the Sun Room from the door way of the kitchen.

This is the left side of the room. That is were Aaron spends a lot of his time studying! It paid off he got all A's and one B last semester.

This is a view of the room if you were standing in front of the french doors. My Grampa Smith (Mom's dad) made all of these on the vacation I mentioned before, when he put the glass in the kitchen cabinets.

The view standing in front of the TV cabinet and book shelves I just showed you. It is the view into Mom's "secret garden".

This is my desk where I do all my blogging.

Just another view!