Monday, May 24, 2010

Why do I do these things? I need a lesson in time management...

I have dishes to do and a living room to pick up and it is 9ish...And I choose to do this:

Put all my clothes one white hangers, spaced a finger width apart (give or take a little). They were all facing the other way on the hangers so I had to switch them all any way! (I put all mine on the left side and Aaron gets the right so I wanted to be able to look at the front of them when I am getting something out. Plus I am left handed and Aaron is right...It only makes sense...Right?) Don't my clothes look so pretty?

I put all of Aaron's clothes in my closet, on navy blue hangers (no I didn't go out and buy any of these hangers. We also have some green and pink, but I needed them to be the same color and look pretty in the closet...And I didn't bother put his in any order because he would just pick on me and mess it up any way!) to show who's are who's. I know we aren't going to confuse each others clothes but it gives a nice line of division...that is not exactly in the middle...I'm a girl! I am supposed to have more clothes! I am going to hit the linen closet that is over flowing and use his old small closet to organize better.

...Where are we going to sleep? There are a few things that don't really need to go back in either closet. I also got out all my necklaces to see which one looked good with which shirt. I feel the need to step it up a little and stop being a slob who on occasion (a lot...) sleeps in the clothes (I take my bra off and I am talking about the clothes I change into after work!) I wore that day...As long as I didn't leave the house (besides taking Jake to and from school) or clean the bathrooms. That would be gross right? And I only sleep in them if I was wearing comfy clothes (which is EVERY day) like t-shirts and crop kind of yoga style pants...I need some real pj's obviously...And no I didn't make my bed today...I got back in it for about an hour after I dropped Jake off at school...Don't judge me I worked 6 of the last 7 days. A long 39 hours last week standing on concrete and putting peoples "beer suitcases" (that is what they actually ring up as and they are huge!)in their shopping carts. (It's tiring, but fun, besides U-Scan of course) And 10 of those hours were on Saturday! (But that is better than last Saturday-I worked 11 1/2 hours.)

So, I should be doing the dishes,but I am blogging, while in the middle of a organizational project! This was more fun and it is my day off! Plus, Aaron is playing basketball...I take that back, he seriously just got home. Good thing he doesn't mind a messy room because it looks like the rest of this project is on hold!