Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wednesday: An alligator at the door and wild animals at Cub Scouts

AHHHHH! Doesn't it look like there is an alligator on my front yard? This is actually a more accurate picture of what was on the (outside of) door:

I have just learned that that little lizard may as well have been an alligator because it scared me enough to be one...I hate snakes and I am not a fan of lizards either. I always thought I didn't like snakes because they don't have legs and slither, but apparently that's not it. Lizards have legs and I really don't like them either. Really it caught me off guard and made me jump, but then when I went out the back door and around to the front to take pictures to show Jake, I realized I am not as scared of lizards (as I am to snakes) but I am a little scared. (Sorry for the run on sentence). This is what I saw as I left our bedroom to hang up a coat in the hall closet:

I actually let out little squeal and jumped. I don't know how I even noticed it, but I did feel like I was being watched...This is a picture from our bedroom to the front door and you can see the coat closet I was headed to. I don't really want a lizard neighbor that close to where I sleep... (As a matter of fact I am going to be spending my first night ALL by myself in...I don't even know how long...Probably 12 years...Aaron and Jake are going to the father and son camp out tomorrow. Usually that is the night I invite the dogs up on the bed, and lock the bedroom door...Now I don't even have my dogs to be with me...I am officially a wimp.)

I guess it is a little cute...No I didn't get this close, I just zoomed in. Aaron scared it a way for me. Jake was excited by the news of course.

And now on to the wild animals at Cub Scouts. I am the den leader of the Wolf pack at church. We have been working on writing two plays, making puppets, making props, making backgrounds, and practicing for our pack meeting over the past month and a half. Last night we announced the Pine Wood Derby next month (yes it is late, but at least we are having it right?) by doing some skits and then having some races. I had Wednesday off and tied up all the lose ends and was ready for everything. Except for the boys craziness. How can I forget that these kids are getting ready for EOG's and have a lot of extra energy?..It was crazy, but they LOVED it. So, I guess that is all that matters. And for any of you who have watched your children play sports and you can always tell who the coaches kid is because he is the one not listening and goofing off...I totally get that now. I am the "coach" and I would occasionally like to strangle my child. It is to the point that on the way home on Wednesday night Jake gets in the car and says "I am sorry Mommy...Do we have to talk about what I did all the way home again?" NO! WE DON'T IF YOU WOULD STOP DOING IT!!! It isn't like he is being bad. He is just being a boy at Cub Scouts. They are all weird and crazy...And I have to say I love it.
This is the "photo finish" of the race in the skit. Look at Jake's happy face. Boys are so funny. A box made to look like a race car is the best thing ever when you are 8.

One of the races:

The background poster. These are the people in the stands at a race. Don't you love the picture of the boys in it? They really had great ideas and worked so hard. You will notice that the pictures I zoomed in on are of Jake. :) Truthfully there are only 2 Wolves (but it was a Pack Meeting so we were all together) so the poster only has 2 boys on it Jake and Garrett (or Granite as Jake calls him-its his nickname now and he loves it) and there are even amounts of both.