Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things I though today...or technically yesterday...

I can't sleep...which is a big bummer considering my allergies seem to be starting to turn into a pressure building sinus thing...I guess that is what happens when you don't stop doing things (blogging, searing a roast to put in the crock pot...) until it is late already! My head is full of things that I can't stop thinking about so I though maybe if I got them out of my head I could sleep. So here goes:

1. Am I too fat to run a 5k? I mean I know it won't be record time or anything but by my birthday (May 31st) could I run a 5k at my pace without stopping and walking? I am going to do it. I am not going to go sign up for one. I am going to have my own. I will map it out and have my own race. With whoever wants to cheer me on and/or run it with me. Tina, you guys maybe here that weekend. You want to run or cheer me on at the finish line?

2. Will Jake go to a college close by or far a way?

3. (Do not be offended by what I am about to say if you have ever used U-Scan and had problems with it. It is a machine and all machines have flaws that make it tricky sometimes. This is not in any way directed toward you. That is my disclaimer...Seriously no one I know falls into the category of people that I am getting ready to talk about. The people I am talking about in this section are people who use U-Scan and think the machine and Bi-Lo are out to get them...) I like my job, but I hate U-Scan. Why is the U-Scan so hard for people to use? We just got one at Bi-Lo and I am not a fan. I used to like to use them at Walmart before I was a cashier. Maybe it is because it was my destiny to be a cashier that I could figure out how to use it. (that was sarcasm just in case you couldn't tell) Or maybe it is because I can read and follow directions and use common sense. Now that I occasionally have to be the one standing there watching people use U-Scan and fixing their problems, I am shocked at the amount of people that can not follow some very basic steps. I really wonder how these people make it through the day! I understand U-Scans are quirky and act up-but when the screen says to touch this button to start, you probably aren't going to be able to start until you actually touch it. It makes for a long day when you have to stand there and watch people not be able to follow the directions. I understand that it is a new thing to some people but if you are already grumpy and not prone to wanting to do anything for yourself you should probably go stand in line...And if you can't read (which is really very sad and I feel for you) don't try and do it yourself. I had to fish a quarter out of the place where you insert your $ bills because a lady didn't see the place for the change...It is maybe 1 inch below where you put your bills. I also had a women try to put her Bi-Lo bonus card in the place where the bills go. And another tried to put a credit card where the bills go...People don't understand that the same automated voice that tells them to put the item they just scanned in the bag before scanning your next item knows you haven't put it in yet because where the bags are is a scale. So, that means if you put it in the bag and then immediately pick up the whole bag and put it back in your cart before you pay and then the voice tells you to put it isn't the machine (or my) fault that it is telling you to put it back. It is still on a scale and it thinks you are stealing it BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T PAID YET! I have seen people have the same thing happen seriously 15 times and they sigh like the machine is acting up every time! Even though the machine is telling them the problem and I have very politely told them the problem-they still think it is the machine!!! Another reason it is acting up is because you are letting your child climb all over that scale and the poor machine can't understand why all the sudden your groceries went from 15 pounds to 60 in a matter of seconds! I am sorry you have a shopping cart full of produce with no codes on it and you don't know the codes and you are all upset about it. That is why they pay cashiers and why if you have a buggy full of 25 varieties of produce you should probably not have come to the U-Scan! And yes mam I can see that you don't have any more room to put the stuff you are scanning...That is because this is not supposed to be for a shopping cart full of groceries to last you a month. This is where you come when you have a FEW items and don't feel like waiting in line with the people that have HUGE amounts of food like you do. ...Okay I am done venting! I really do like my job. I love having regulars come through my line just so they can talk to me. I love knowing that the sisters from New York are going to come together and use their coupons. And the cute older lady will wear her jean jumper with an American flag on it every Friday to grocery shop because one of the baggers mentioned he like it. I love the mom that comes a couple times a week with her little boy and they always use the little shopping cart we have for children. That is the fun part. The U-Scan...not so much!

4. Who are they going to get to replace Simon on American Idol? I guess it doesn't really matter since the show won't last with out him.

5. It is supposed to be hot tomorrow...I hate putting on make up and doing my hair and sweating it all off before I even get to church. Then walking in the bathroom after Sacrament meeting, looking in the mirror and not believing THAT is how you have looked for the past hour...

6. Is my brain empty enough to sleep yet?

7. Why do old hardwood floors squeak even more when you are trying to be quiet?

8. I am seriously going to to to Sonic this week and buy a bag of ice. They actually sell there ice. This sounds bad but we call it rabbit turd ice. You know that small ice that is so fun to just eat like a snack?

9. They have a bag of just the rye chips from those chex mix type snack stuff (it starts with a "g" I think-the brand I am talking about...)! That is totally the best part!

10. I wonder how old Jake will be when he is taller than me...

11. I hope I can go to sleep now that I have emptied my brain...