Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother and Son Sports Jam

On Friday May 14th (Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!), Jake's school had a Mother and Son Sports Jam night. They had all sorts of fun games set up (dribbling a soccer ball, throwing footballs, tennis ball races...etc.) and Chic-fil-a (how do they spell it? I can never remember!) We had a lot of fun and met up with Jake's good friend Corey, who hung out with us most of the night. One thing that it reminded me was...how much I miss Glen Marlow Elementary in good ole Fletcher NC. How much I miss being really involved at Jake's school. I actually felt lonely. Even though I chatted with other mom's I knew. At Glen Marlow the parents at Jake's school were some of my really good friends. Here a few are acquaintances. It is a different culture in the mountains. Your school is your community. It could be because we aren't really in the community that Jake goes to school in (we had him transferred to his school because weren't thrilled with the school he was supposed to go to), or that I am not in the middle of all the planning and know everyone at the school. I knew all the teachers at Jake's old school. I know his teacher and assistant here. I knew his principal very well-I saw her every day because I was there almost every day. His principal here seems nice but she doesn't know us. She doesn't even know Jake. I am going to have to figure out this whole new routine so I can feel like I am a part of something again!...That sounds so depressing...But it is how I feel and that is supposed to be what blogging is all about right? It really was fun I swear! Here is the proof:

Jake and Corey

Me totally kicking Jake's butt in the tennis ball carry!

Jake in action!

Me with one of my favorite people in the world! Thanks for taking the picture Corey.