Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

That is right, I said weekend. I believe in taking full advantage of holidays that celebrate me and milking it for all it is worth! (In fact last Monday we had Mommy's choice FHE since it was the one before Mother's day weekend. We watched family video's from when Jake was a little guy.) And of course I was not disappointed! On Friday Aaron and Jake decided not to go to the camp out because it seemed no one else was either. Instead we went to the drive-in movies with the Gariety's and for $12 got to watch How to Train Your Dragon and Iron Man 2. You can barely go to see one movie by yourself for that price. It was so fun! It was the first time Aaron and Jake had been to the drive-in. I loved How to Train Your Dragon! It was so cute, I would seriously love a dragon as a pet...if they were real and as cute as they are in the movie! Iron Man 2 was pretty good also. There were some long parts in it and I have never seen the first one, but I liked it. And of course I took pictures!
Here we all are, with our awesome set up!

Elizabeth, Cole, and Morgan.

Jake made his own row at first. He ended up moving back to sit by me.

Our little family!

Jake with the credits rolling from How to Train Your Dragon behind him. I didn't want to disturb people by taking pictures during the movie...although I was tempted.

Jake playing with the Gariety's flash light.

Jake and Morgan running around while we waited for Iron Man 2 to come on.

Saturday I had to work (on U-Scan) from 9-3:30 and it was HARD getting out of bed. We got home from the drive-in at a little past 2...I don't see that hour very often unless I am waking up to go pee!.. But I was actually less tired than I thought I would be and U-Scan could have been worse than it was, so I survived. :) Jake and Aaron came to Bi-Lo to decorate a cookie cake for me in the bakery so I got to see them for a couple of minutes too. Saturday I went to bed early. On Sunday I was awoken to breakfast in bed. It was delicious! Thanks guys for the yummy pancakes, eggs, and bacon. They also got me a corsage to wear to church (which I am wearing right now! I have to get all the use out of it I can. Besides it makes me feel special.). I got to go to all of church (since I didn't have to work-YIPPEE! I really do like it I swear! The people are so nice and I basically get to talk to people all day-I just didn't want to work on Mother's Day!) and help out in nursery. I was all ready to go to Relief Society for the first time in...a really long time-I have been helping out in Primary and Nursery (which I love to do by the way!). I even told Aaron I really wanted to go to R.S. so if they asked me to help I would just tell them not this week. But I couldn't stop myself when they asked me. What can I say Primary/Nursery really is the best place to be. Sweet kiddos that love you no matter what and free hugs! I love the nursery in Monroe-they are such sweet little ones and I get to hang out with my great friend (and nursery leader) Elizabeth! But any way...Back to Mother's Day celebration. I took a nap...It was sooo nice. And Aaron made me shrimp and grits for dinner. It was a nice relaxing day...

Aaron forgot (or so he says) to take the camera to Bi-Lo and take a picture of Jake making my cookie, so I made sure I reminded him to take them when they were making me breakfast! Jake made the pancakes all by himself.

Aaron picked roses from the yard to put on the tray.

Jake showing off all their hard work.

I really can't believe I am posting this picture...

Here we are after church. Jake took a picture of me, my corsage, and Aaron. :)

Jake and I matched!

Before the movie the guys played Frisbee and then the kiddos colored. Jake colored me this beautiful picture.

This is the card he made me at school. (the word in blue is supposed to say corsage)

...and this is the inside.

My corsage...

My two cute guys with the cookie they made.

A close up on the cookie...

Me and my cookie cake

Aaron cooking...

...these yummy shrimp and grits!