Saturday, January 10, 2015

I forgot to post this back in November...

..what a surprise!  But I just officially posted my last post for 2014 so there is no going back now.  So here it is in 201.  Our big class project in Art class at co-op:

Jake helped me finish up the bricks on the roof and the snow in the sky at home.

And his part of the picture since he had been sick the last day we worked on it at co-op.

We revealed the final project at our last co-op of 2014 (the Monday before Thanksgiving) while we had a party and made graham cracker (instead of ginger bread) houses.

To the left of the house our friends were making snowman...

...and snow angels.

There was some cooking going on in the kitchen.

And some crafting in the dining room.

Stocking are being hung by the chimney with care and the tree is getting it's star.

The list was getting checked twice while some garland was being taken out of the box.
 Up in the attic the rest of the Christmas decorations were being discovered.

On the right side of the house the boys were building forts and having a snowball fight.  

Taylor didn't get his winter clothes finished so his right leg may get a little cold!

I wish I had gotten closer up pictures.  I guess I still can since it is in the closet in the Man Cave.  

We had it on display for the luncheon along with what was left of the graham cracker houses and ornaments we had made.

And just in case I didn't post these pictures on the blog last year (they are both from November or maybe December of 2014 and I love, but may or may not have posted them last year), I am posting them now.  I know I posted them on Instagram but I am not sure about if I blogged them or not.

This is a break after playing in the back yard.  I love Sadie's face.  It seems like a face of pure joy from having played until she couldn't play any more.

And this is one of my all time favorite pictures in the history of the world.  A dog and her boy.  LOVE...I need to blow this up to 8X10 and put it on the wall.  It is my screen saver.  Seriously!  How cute are those faces?!?!