Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Week In Review: 1/19-1/23

*I will not be rereading this post.  Hopefully it will make some kind of sense....

*I forgot to mention last week that last week was Jake's first Shop Class with Papa Harmon.  Last week they talked about safety in the shop and while using the machines.  They are going to make a lamp...and I am hoping a couple of bookshelves. :)

*This Wednesday was "School For Thought" at the library.  Their once a month homeschool event.  Jake got to eat Ramen noodles while learning about the Japanese culture, how to speak and write a few phrases in Japanese-including his name and just plan having fun!

*It is official. Sadie knows when it is time to pick up Jake from church on Wednesday night and feels the need to tag along.  It is the little things that bring sheer joy to a dog.

 *I got a couple of wrong number texts last week and didn't let it bother me...


*My jam at the moment.  Aaron bought it for me because he loves me.

*On Thursday we went on a field trip to the Peace Center in Greenville and saw "To Kill A Mockingbird" and it was AMAZING!  We laughed.  I cried!  It was so well done.  And it is their "Pops for education" program so the tickets were only $9 each. 
We went with the Cluney's (they are searching Google in this picture to end a light hearted debate the boys were having about something super hero related.

Aunt Sheila, Nee, and Papa G all came too! 

After that we had lunch at Zaxby's.
 Jake looks so tall.  Ethan is about to turn 13 and hasn't hit that growth spurt yet.  He will though. His dad is 6'2" inches just like Aaron.  I wonder in six months which one of these guys will be taller...

*And this picture doesn't want me to type beside it so I will type above it.  Right after the play we headed back to Sparkle City and I dropped Jake off for shop class with Papa Harmon.  Luckily it didn't have to get cancelled because Papa was able to cover with a tarp and brace up a place in the rood where a tree limb had come through the roof the day before.  No equipment was hurt luckily.
*On Friday night we watched Transformers: Age of Extinction (Aaron's choice for movie night).  It was pretty good....but would have been better for me personally if it hadn't been 2 hours and 45 minute.  Take an hour off and it would have been better....for me.  They loved it.

*On Saturday morning I (along with my Primary presidency: Cindy Peterson 1st councilor, Lindsay Chapman-2nd councilor, Sue Graves-otherwise known as Nee/Mom-secretary, Rebecca Everett-chorister...I type all this to see if I remember all these people in 20 years...I hope I do!) was lucky enough to go to Primary Stake Training and it was great!  While I was gone Aaron and Jake went to the Waffle House and then the comic book store.  They are thrilled that there is a brand new Star Wars comic book and a Darth Vader one that is about to come out.  They are true geeks!

*On Saturday afternoon we headed to Sam's club and enjoyed some taste testing while getting some groceries.  If I ever had to be stranded somewhere for a few days (or weeks) I would pick Sam's Club.  They have everything you would need to survive.  I am of course assuming it would just be me and my family.  Adding all the other random shoppers and workers would take away from the the fun.  I am also assuming that the power would still work so the food would stay fresh, the TV's still worked and there was light to read by.

*Lot of other things happened I am sure but this seems like a pretty good list of what went down in the Harmon household last week.  Add in Aaron working in some very muddy weather, Jake and I still trying to finish Walden because it is boring us to tears (not really but kind of) much so that I read a few pages in Mr. Darcy's Diary (I said I wouldn't read any other book- besides the scriptures-until I was finished with Walden as motivation to just get it over with....) to keep myself from never reading again....I keep finding little gems in Walden, but the over all read it excruciating... More on that when I finally finish it.  

*Here is hoping that I will either forget about this week in review business or actually do it in a timely fashion!