Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Week in review: 1/4-1/10

Sunday night was our Downton Abbey episode one of season five party.  We had popcorn and hot cocoa even though we had all just been at Mom and Dad's having dinner a couple hours before that!  Season five is going to be good!

Monday was our first day back to co-op and we went ice skating...I already posted about that..

But I can't remember if a posted a picture of the older high schoolers looking at a deer brain.  We got to go in and check it out.  Deer have surprisingly small brains.  It is what Ms. Lisa is holding in this picture.

Jake had one more Geography assignment about the United States to finish....amongst lots of other school work we did this week.

...and I think I mentioned we got books. :) 

We had family home evening on Monday night but for the life of us none of us can remember what we talked about...That is pretty sad but I will move on!

On Tuesday we went to Barnes & Noble.  At one point I was looking for Jake and I came around a corner to see him sitting on the floor looking though a book.  I of course had to take a picture...or two.

 Jake ending up getting a Minecraft book and I got 41 and Mr. Darcy's Dairy (and a couple of Brad Thor books for Aaron that were on clearance that he didn't already have). We met Nee, Papa, and Aunt Sheila there.  Aunt Sheila was the giver of the much appreciated gift cards.


On Tuesday I tried a new recipe for Creamy Chicken Noodle soup.  It was pretty yummy but since my guys don't like chicken noodle soup (I have no idea what is wrong with them)  I made it and took it to the Relief Society Meeting (our church's women's group).  I don't usually (almost never) test recipes on people other than my family but I felt pretty sure this one was going to be good and I was correct!  We talked about setting goals and home organization at the meeting.  Aaron and Jake got to have a guy night and I have no idea what they did.  Something manly I am sure.  Or they may have just watched a show on TV or something.
 I still have no idea why I can type beside some pictures and others it will not let me!  The above picture is from Wednesday night.  I went to pick Jake up from church (Aaron was there but he stays and plays basketball.  It is so nice living 5 minutes from church!) and I took Sadie with me because she loves to go places but rarely does.  She of course sat in the front seat on the way there...and then didn't want to give it up when Jake came to the car.  She is spoiled rotten so of course we didn't make her move.  Dogs are supposed to be spoiled so I have no regret for having Jake sit in the back...and neither did he!

Thursday was really cold.  It was 13 degrees out when we woke up!  Jake brought Sadie's outside water bowl in to thaw.  I decided it would be a perfect day for chilli! 

At some point in the week between school, cleaning, meetings, and life in general, I took a few shots of Sadie watching us play with Legos (while laying on the bed of blankets and pillows we made for her in Jake's room).  For some reason she isn't a fan of getting her picture taken.  The one of the left sums it up.  It looks like she is trying to avoid eye contact.  I am not sure what she thinks I am doing but she is not a fan. 

 After a trip to Walmart I reaffirmed yet again my abhorrence to all things stinky.  I take great lengths to make sure our house smells amazing.  I found a candle at Walmart that I am slightly obsessed with.  It is Better Homes and Gardens Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake.  I may or may not be hoarding it...They are only $5.97 and they last a really long time.  I decided to get one (or two) every now in then because it will inevitably be discontinued as most things I love do.   Why does that happen?

We found clock at Walmart for the kitchen also. It was only $8.97-thank you Walmart!  I have been looking for one for a while.  Now I am looking for things to buy or make to put in the kitchen and the living room.  

It was Jake's turn to pick our Friday night movie and he picked Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  It is a really cute movie.  This week is my week to choose and it will be girly.

On Saturday we wore our Panthers attire to get ready for their play-off game.  They ended up losing but they went a whole lot further than any one thought they would based on the way their season started.  

So the Cam jersey goes back in the closet until next season...

One of my goals for this year is to post a week in review every week.  If that is all I end up posting I will at least be hitting the high points.