Wednesday, January 21, 2015


 It's what's for dinner!".  Remember that old commercial?  Ever since going to the Beacon on Saturday and not getting a hamburger, I have been craving one. Which does not happen to me a whole lot because I am not really a burger girl.  Monday night seemed like the perfect night to tame the craving.  Aaron was home at a reasonable hour so we started FHE early by making dinner together.

 Mom and Dad got us this awesome griddle for Christmas and we are loving it.  We had one but it bit the dust a while ago. 

 While I took care of the hamburgers, Aaron got started on the homemade French fries that he cooked in the fryer that Mom and Dad got him for Christmas.  He had a little "Fry Daddy" but had been wanting a larger one and his wish came true on Christmas morning! 

Here they are frying away on the back porch because I am not a fan of how frying foods makes my house smell.  It smells great while it is cooking (or so I am told) but not so great after you have eaten it and the smell still lingers...I am not a fan of that smell!  
 I went all out with these burgers.  I even did a trick I have seen on The Food Network and put a little pad of butter on top.  Although these last couple of posts would lead you to believe we eat like this all the time, we really don't.  I promise. 
Aaron and Jake's are just seasoned with salt and pepper.  I always put Worcestershire sauce on mine.  It is heavenly...

Jake likes Kraft singles, while the adults in the house go for as sharp as humanly possible cheddar cheese. 

Now look at this amazing thing on our griddle...

...awesome, am I right?  It folds down to keep something warm or in this case help melt the cheese.

And of course I toasted the buns...

To make it extra fancy we busted out the Martinelli's Sparkling Cider we were to pooped to open on New's Eve.  

Aaron also made the bacon.  Is that perfection or what?  Eat your heat out Beacon (seriously we love you but this was better)!

I am kind of in love with this picture.  It looks staged, doesn't it?  Some of our plastic place mats were still on the counter after I washed and dried them but hadn't put them away so I kind of had them slid partially behind the drying rack...It looks like I planned it as a backdrop!  It was a happy coincidence. :)

The rest of FHE was spent watching the season finale of The Librarians (2 house special that we had recorded the night before so we got to fast forward through all of the commercials) which was soooo good but kind of sad because that means no new episodes for who knows how long!

Luckily I already ate dinner otherwise I may be drooling after looking at these pictures.  I hope I didn't make you hungry!