Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am not doing "week in reviews"...

...unless I just didn't get to post the week before. Let's face it, I am already using it as an excuse to not keep up.  I keep finding things I should have posted last week and didn't...So here are a few more things that have been happening around here in the past week.

This is what Nee and Papa's house looked like on Friday when we went to help pull up nails and staples. They are getting ready to put in laminate floors.

Sadie has the prime spot in the living room.  Right in front of the vent.  And some times she uses the curtain for a little extra cushion.  I am still trying to figure out what to do with the curtains.  I hate to tuck them up so the heat can come out because it looks horrible.  But I like them there so I can open the blinds during the day and people can't see in...What to do...what to do...

 When we were at Sam's Club on Saturday the berries looked and smelled delicious.  We decided to buy some and I made mini fruit pizzas.  Can you guess which cookie Jake picked?  If you picked the biggest one than you are correct. :)

I have no idea what Aaron is looking at but it is obviously not the camera...PTPP.
 We share our building for church with another Ward and our times for church overlap.  Last year we went to church from 9-12 and the other ward went from 11-2.  We flip flop at the beginning of the year so now we meet at 11:00.  Our little Sunbeam class (3 year olds-they just moved up to Primary from Nursery) would normally be eating lunch and napping during the time Primary starts (if they were at home) so the transition is tough for a month or two.  Riley has no problem still getting her nap in!

Sadie is always happy to see us when we get home from church.

 She isn't allowed on the couch but her back legs are still on the floor so she it is okay. :)
Co-op was back on after a day off last week for Martin Luther King Day.  In art class we are working on color theory and the color wheel.

In science we are finishing up with Friction and Newton's Laws.  The mom that teaches (mentors, tutors...I don't know what the right word is because the child's mother is still the teacher but you know what I mean...) our Physical Science class (who I co-taught with last year in General Science...I was scared because I am not a science girl but it was fun) had to leave early on Monday because her daughter had a fever (they are all down for the count now except her husband) so I had to step in a do the class at the last minute.  We had to both the experiments outside and is was freezing on Monday!  But we got through it.  We had fun and learned something so we will call it a win.

This one didn't work the way it was supposed to we got the gist.  Vinegar and baking soda....the cork was supposed to pop out.  There was some bubbling but not enough to blow.  There wasn't enough vinegar.  We will try it again next week if there is time after our other experiments.

I almost forgot!  Last Wednesday at church the Youth had an activity that was a lot of fun.  They divided into two groups and made a 3 course meal for the judges (Aaron, the Bishop, a couple of the youth leaders.  Jake said Aaron was the best because he was funny).  Jake was on the winning team.  I wonder if he will remember what these dishes were made of in twenty years...