Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Birthday Temple Trip

 Mom's birthday was yesterday and the day that Mom and Dad work at the Temple.  We decided to drive down with them and enjoy Mom's birthday with her in the Temple.  On the way Jake and I were reading Walden...We have got to finish it once and for all!  It is a slow read and it isn't our favorite...which means it is really easy to pick another book to read...But we are finishing it by Friday.  Jake is lucky and he is 50 pages a head of me.  After reading for a few minutes my eyes got very heavy and then I woke up...not sure how long later....When I looked over at Jake he was sleeping too.

  There is just something about this book...

When we got to the temple we dropped Dad off because he had a meeting to get ready for.  Mom, Jake, and I headed to the Temple bookstore.  We tried to take a picture with the Temple in the background but the sun was glaring in their eyes.  I know it shouldn;t laugh at their pain but I just can't help it.

I had them close their eyes as I counted to 3.  On 3 they were supposed to open their eyes.  Jake opened his eyes but forgot to tell the rest of his face to be ready for the picture.

 (At the bookstore Jake found the 2nd book in a series he started and it was only $8 so I couldn't resist. I had to be back to the Temple for 5:00 but Jake didn't have to go in until 6:30 so he read in the car...Guess what he read.  The new book.  As of this morning when I woke up he had been up for an hour and had already read 182 pages of it...but he really should have been reading WALDEN!!!...He did read it today and I told him all other books are off limits until he finishes Walden)

After we checked out the bookstore we took Mom to the Temple but we still had a couple of hours until the Temple was open.  Jake was dying to go to Waffle House and there just happened to be one down the road.  He was one happy camper!

Back at the Temple we tried to take a selfie...

I had more luck taking a picture of Jake.

By the time we were done at the Temple it was dark out and my smart phone is awesome enough to still take great pictures in the dark.

I was out before Jake was taking pictures and got him coming out.

I love the feeling of peace I have when I leave the Temple with.  It is a place where you can totally shut out the stress of the world and clear your mind.  I always feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world when I leave.  I always have a better perspective on what really matters.  I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and I am reminded every time I go to the Temple and leave feeling closer to Him. 

What a way to spend Mom's birthday with her-in The House of the Lord!  I am so grateful for you Mom!  You are an amazing inspiration to our family and we love you!  I am so glad that we are all sealed together so that we can spend eternity as a family.