Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Week In Review: 1/11-1/17

Here is a week in review...for last week.  I am kind of defeating the purpose when I wait until half way through the next week!  I may do it on Fridays (so I will be "reviewing" Friday evening-through the next Friday morning) so I actually get it done during that week!  Or I may find I give it up completely because it just won't work!  We shall see!  After 7 years (2008 isn't on my blog because I ran out room for pictures and Aaron helped me take that year off-saved of course- and now Google gives you unlimited picture storage now...go figure!)  This is still a work in progress...and some time there isn't any progression at all!

Here are the highlights of last week (...and yes there are things I wanted to remember that I have already forgotten...Like what did we do for FHE?...)!

This smiling face can only mean one thing...I don't get it and he does....Part of the problem may be that I no longer even want to try to get it.  My mind does not naturally think mathematically and since I am on a mission to find and use the talents that the Lord has given I feel like it is okay to give up.  Okay, that may be a really lame excuse that I just came up with to cover the fact that I have really tried to like math but I just don't.  I gave it a shot so why not pass it one to someone who really does love it.  That someone is Aaron.  It gives him great joy so who am I to take that away from him?

Aaron came home with fresh eggs from one of his home owners.  Aren't they so pretty?  We are hoping to have our own chickens this Spring or Summer.  We were going to get chickens last summer but Aaron wasn't in any shape (with his finger accident) to get that up and running and this will be an all hands on deck kind of project! Maybe this year!

Sadie is really good at keeping my feet warm in the evening when we are sitting and watching our favorite shows.  We may have been watching the Librarian on this particular evening...

Jake had been working all week on this huge flying ship!  He has since made another smaller one that is pretty cool too.  Today he decided he was going to take them both a part and make one big one.  He hasn't started yet but I am sure he has it all planned out in his mind already. 

I broke out my old Doc Marten Mary Jane's this week.  I thought they were 20 years old but these I actually got 16 or 17 years ago (it was my boots that I had gotten 20 years ago...but I don't have those any more so I am not even sure why I am mentioning them). They are proof that you pay for what you get!  They are still so comfortable after all these years!

Sadie doesn't have a lot of chores, but the ones she does have she takes very seriously.  She is the official crockpot pre-cleaner.  She also cleans up any food we drop on the floor. Oh and you saw her keeping my feet warm.  She comes in pretty handy!

On Saturday I watched the Boy Scouts of America's live online meeting as they announced the changes that will be happening as of June 1st for the Cub Scouts.  It was pretty interesting.  As Primary president I am also over our Cub Scout Program.  It was pretty amazing to see what a large part our church plays in Boy/Cub Scouts.  There were three meetings: Cub Masters, Den Leaders, and LDS (Latter-Day Saints) Considerations.  We do Scouting a little different and we are such a large portion of Scouters they had a special meeting for us.  The changes seem pretty cool. 
After I watched the Scouting stuff we all went to The Beacon.  This is my chilli cheese dogs a-plenty.  Aaron and I got one a-plenty (which means a huge pile of onion rings and fries) to share because it is humanly impossible to eat all that yourself.

Jake's hamburger had a LOT of bacon on it.  He couldn't even finish it.  I never have gotten a burger from the Beacon and I kind of wish I did...I guess that explains what we had for dinner on Monday (yesterday) night....More on that later.

Here is the a-plenty from another angle so you can really get the enormity of it...One of the hot dogs is completely covered....It is like a heart attack on a plate.  We only go a couple of times a year so our arteries have time to unclog.

I almost forgot!  I FINALLY finished my first book of 2015...I know it is sad it took me half a month to get through it...actually I started it in December but didn't have much time to read until this month...The reason it took me so long to read is in the picture below...

Here is what I wrote about it on Instagram (and I shared it on Facebook)...I am too lazy to retype it so I took a screen shot of it. :) 

That is pretty much last week in one post....Oh I almost forgot!  Sadie road with me to pick Jake up on Wednesday from church and Jake didn't want to sit in the back so this happened....

And on Thursday we met some friends and went to the homeschooling roller skate...party?  I don't know what to call it.  They do it once a month.  They open two hours early so the whole place is full of weird un-socialized homeschoolers! Hahaha!  I forgot to take any pictures...during...I took this picture of Jake before because he decided to spike his hair and it looked pretty cool!  The next picture is of the kiddos taking their skates off....I realized I hadn't taken any pictures and panicked!  Just kidding, I just figures I would document some part of it.  The next picture is Jake with his skates still on (obviously this was before the other picture...).  He looked so tall.  He always asks, "how old do you think I will be when I am this tall?"   My answer now is any day now.  Oh that is one of the things we did for FHE!!!  We measured Jake and he still isn't taller than me no matter how many people say he looks taller than me!  I am 5'6 3/4".  He is 5'6 1/4".  I am still a 1/2 taller than him!  That could of course change...any day now!