Monday, January 5, 2015

First Official Post of 2015

I say the first official post because I posted several things but back dated them so they would be included in 2014...since that is when they happened.  I WILL do better this year.  That is one of my resolutions.  YES-I just typed that. You read that right.  I am making resolutions and I NEVER do.  I am a bit of a rebel and I am mostly likely to rebel through self sabotage.  EXAMPLE #1:  I say I am going to lose weight.  I WILL eat horribly for several days and gain weight before losing any.  It is the rebel in me.  EXAMPLE#2:  I say I am going to keep up with the laundry.  What ever I just put in the washing machine will stay in there so long I will have to rewash it.  EXAMPLE #3:  I say I am going to get up (over vacation...and sometimes not...) early, make Aaron a lunch to take to work, and then head right to the gym.  What do I really do?  Sleep.In.Late.


No more...

My resolutions (or in other words goals...because there really is something inside me that wants to yell running and screaming when I say "resolutions"-BUT not any more!!! SHUT IT REBEL IN MY HEAD.  Resolutions.  They are called resolutions...breath in through the nose...out through the mouth....phew...) for the year are going to make me over come the rebel in me.  I will not self sabotage all my efforts.  I will control the rebel and not let it control me.  That really is the issue.  Control. I am a control freak....There I said it.  And here is the most ridiculous part: I would rather make myself fail on purpose {***control freak alert****} rather than actually accomplish something...because I am afraid I will fail while trying to accomplish it.  Do you follow me?  You may not...but I have a new found (again...) understanding of this problem.  It is a problem and I will be working on it.  I am going to make resolutions.  I have thrown some out there willy-nilly and that won't work.  I need resolutions GOALS resolutions (they are the same thing but I am using the word I have avoided.  That will be my first step toward taming the rebel beast-using the word it hates) and a plan.  I will come back to that later...because I have to actually do it. :)

So let me get to some of the awesomeness that has been 2015 so far:

 Jake took all the pillows from the house and put them on his bed.  Can you see his hand?  He is under there.  He said he wanted to do it.  I said do it-but put it all back after. 

This face made it worth that fact that "back" just meant "back in to the room they came from".  To me putting them "back" meant "putting them nicely back on our bed and the couches...not just in piles."   Miscommunication.  I re-communicated and the living room pillows go put back nicely.
 I am still working on organizing the whole entire house.  I am starting with this drawer.  I took it all out and put lots of things back nicely...but then ended up stuffing some of it in other places since I was hosting our Downton Abbey party and I like people to think I am organized, so having stuff out wouldn't really make people think that...(yes that was a run on sentence...I know I just don't care) I stuff.
There has been some trampoline awesomeness.  This was on New Year's day-NOPE.  It was January 2nd.  I know this because Aaron was at work and it was Jake's last vacation day.  (You remember these things when you keep up with your blog.)  And no it really isn't warm enough to have no socks and shoes on....
We are kind of into the broom Harry Potter pictures. 

 And ninja jumps.  That is what Jake said he was doing in this picture.  Ninja kicks....I totally see that don't you....?

This is another ninja kick....I guess.  He said it was and I am not saying he is lying...I think one of Jake's resolutions should be working on his ninja kicks...Just sayin'.

This ninja move was my isn't much better than the other ones.

But flips are always cool so he earned back some points on this one.

And a water break.

I kind of like this kid.

Even if he isn't a ninja.

I have good news but it really deserves its own post so...The end...

One more thing...I will post a Downton Abbey party picture tomorrow.  My phone cord is in the bedroom and Aaron is asleep.  I should be too but I just don't feel like it right now...

And on New Year's Day I headed out on a shopping trip to find a clock for the kitchen.  I didn't find one, but I did get a broom and dust pan.  Good stuff.  While I was out Aaron and Jake hosted Brian and Spencer and watched a college football game.

Friday was our first movie night of 2015...How did I not take a picture of that?  It was Aaron's pick and he went to Redbox and got X-Men: Days Of Future Past.  We saw it a while ago in the $2 theater and it was good enough to watch again!  We got good news on Friday too...more on that next.