Monday, January 5, 2015

3 Bits of Good News!

I am not even sure what the title means but I can't sleep and it is almost 2 am so I am going with it...

 Good News #1:
Aaron tried everything he could think of but our Jeepy just couldn't stay running.  We had to bring her/him (depends on the day with this Jeep) to the shop and worried this could be the end.  She is 20 years old after all and has driven over 250k miles.   We brought him (see what I did there) in to the shop last Monday...and heard nothing until I called on Friday (the flu and colds are running through Sparkle City and they had guys out at the wasn't entered right and they had the wrong number down for Aaron).

The beast was fixed.  Running and ready to go...WHAAAAA?  Unbelievable!  But how much since we never heard from them.....

 A whopping $75.30 AND  our gas mileage is going to be much better.  I never noticed it was bad because...I just don't pay attention to that kind of thing...But AWESOME!  It was something about a vacuum supply something rather.

I love this ripped up steering wheel.
 I called Aaron and asked him if he wanted to know how much it cost.  He was worried...but  then pleasantly surprised like I was.

We were so happy to drive Jeepy around town yesterday.  It had been a while!  We celebrated by going to Fatz Cafe and then Barnes and Noble where I bought Aaron an awesome Star Wars book.  Jake and I scoped out what we may come back and buy with our gift cards when we go back with Aunt Sheila.  

 Good News #2:  Jake is a Lego Maniac.
Jake made this cool Lego Mech that holds two mini figures. Or when you use your imagination you would say it take s two mini figures to control it.
 And going back to talking about celebrating the Jeep being fixed...While we were at Fatz Cafe we tried to take a family selfie but it didn't really come out.  We are all looking at the wrong spot.  That is kind of handy though that we are all looking at the same wrong place.  What are the chances?  I have been wanting a picture of us all season with out Panthers hats on. 

 We tired again at home... It was only a little better but at least we finally took it (and that is one of my resolutions: to take a family picture at least once a month.  January is done!)!  In time to watch the Panthers beat the Cardinals in the Wild Card play off game!  WOOOOOO WHOOOOO!  Go Panthers!  And just a few weeks after the quarterback, Cam Newton, was in a horrible car accident.

 His truck was crushed after flipping several times...and he was on a bridge that his truck luckily did not fly off!  A semi hit him or something.  He is lucky to be alive and suffered a fracture in his lower back...but was back to play in the last couple of games and KICK BUTT!  This is Jake wearing his Panthers hat, covered by his hoodie.

Oh yeah-the picture taking and Panthers kicking butt were  combined for our Good News #3.

Oh and that first selfie?  I fixed it up a little on Instagram.  We are still looking in the wrong direction but we look good doing it! Hahaha!

We can't wait to watch the Panthers beat the Seahawks this coming weekend!

I am realizing there was much more than 3 bits of good news in this post.  2015 is shaping up to pretty good....pretty good indeed!