Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Classic "Jake"

This is classic Jake (and Aaron for that matter), almost every.Single.Day.  A super hero t-shirt.  I made him put a long sleeve tee under it since it is Winter.  Winter in the South means 70 degree weather one day, and 30 degree the next, which means we are rarely prepared. 

Jake was excitedly showing me (and testing me on...blah...) the notes in math that he and Aaron had taken while working together the day before.  Because he was so excited about what he had learned I of course needed to document it.  I told him to hold it up.....

I meant hold it up so I could see it and him...Classic Jake.

So I laughed and said, "Okay, very funny!  Now hold it up so I can take your picture." 

And then he did this....

Classic Jake....oh and notice his shirt.  Classic.

Not as funny the 2nd time but I chuckled.  And then he posed for this picture and it turns out you can barely see the page any way!  I guess the joke is on me! Hahaha!

This happened last week.  I uploaded the pictures and in my mind I had written something to go along with said pictures and posted it...Wellllllll...I didn't so I am doing what?  Playing catch up.  The story of my life!  But it is a good life. :)