Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book #2 of 2015

 Yes it is the middle of January and these pictures were taken yesterday.  We are enjoying unseasonably warm weather here in Sparkle City.  I will enjoy when we actually have a little winter but this will work for a few days.  I finished my 2nd book of the new year while lying on my back on the trampoline.
 My reading buddy was working on his literature book while I was doing a little "vacation reading" (that's what we call books that are easy read-just for enjoyment.  Thoreau, it turns out, calls them "little books") I am back to finishing the lit book too (we are reading Walden.  It is not my favorite...but more on that later).  I have vowed to not start another book until I finish Walden...that is very hard for me, but you do what you have to do when you are
 a homeschooling mom.  Sacrifice is the name of the game.  Life is so tough...hehehe!  I just finished reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner and it is pretty darn good.  It falls in the same vein as Hunger Games,  Life As We Knew It, and The Divergent series (all of which I have read, minus Allegiant...which is on my "read asap" list, and enjoyed).
There are two other books in the series (I think) and I will definitely be adding them to my "must read sooner or later" list.  In case you are wondering these lists only exist in my mind...but they should exist on paper...

Is it on my list of "classics"  (a book I would read over and over again. And must own in hard back)? No.  But it is a good read.  I broke my own rule (of reading the book first) and watched the movie on Friday night.  It was my turn to pick the movie and I wanted to pick one I wanted to see that the guys would like too.  In other words I didn't feel like watching Pride and Prejudice and explaining everything that is happening because that just takes the joy out of it!  The movie was good and made me want to finish the book (I had read a couple chapters...a while ago and had other things to accomplish so I hadn't finished it).  I have to know what is different in the two versions (book vs. movie) and A LOT was different.  The most important truth that came out of all this it the eternal rule for movies to books stands.  No matter how good the movie is, the book is always better.