Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Water Fun...continured.

Several post ago there are pictures of some water fun we had with the Powell's.  I guess I uploaded all those pictures twice.  But there were a few more on this one...So I erased the ones I already posted and here are the ones that were left...and should have been on that post.  Here is a random picture of the kitchen.  I think I took it because I wrote Welcome Powell's on the chalk board.  Since I like my kitchen I decided not to delete it.

After playing in the hose because that is the only way you can be outside when it is 34 million degrees out...
We ate all sorts of unhealthy things.  Mac and cheese.  French bread pizza.  You know yummy stuff.
                                       And this is this the reason I really had to post this.
                     And this one too.  And now I will go to sleep since my eyes are glazing over....