Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Fixer Upper

So we are flipping a house.  It is a cute little house. But... needs a little work.

The first step was cleaning it out.
The bathroom isn't too bad but it is getting a complete makeover.  It is already in the process. These are pictures I uploaded and never posted.  I will be uploading AND POSTING (shocker!) new pictures very soon. It is Jake's job to get up the old tiles on the floor.  He has been working hard almost every day with Papa Harmon.
This room just needs some serious cleaning, painting, and pulling up the carpet to sand and stain the hardwoods.  This is one of the two bedrooms.
Why yes that is snake skin coming through a hole in the ceiling in the living room. Yes, I did want to run away and never come back when I saw it.

A lot of progress has been made already. The cabinets are already down in the kitchen and the new ones have been purchased....but there is some work that needs to happen before they are put in!

And this wall is down...I really will post pictures soon.
This room was emptied and filled back up with the new kitchen cabinets. (This is the empty room just a couple of pictures up)
This chair found a home at our house.

It is going to take a lot of work but this house is going to be precious!  And I get to be the one in charge of picking out the colors (inside and out!)...which is good because I kind of already have. :)
It is pretty dang hot out so the workers are trying to stay hydrated.
And here is that cute chair at our house.  I need to clean it but other than that is pretty much amazing.
More picture of the progress to come soon...I know I already said that.  I am repeating it to remind myself to do it.  Soon.