Friday, August 14, 2015

Independence Day

The 4th started off with a bang while Aaron was weed eating and a rock launched through the air and made direct contact with our glass door...
I loved Google's 4th picture.

 The 4th always centers around food which of course had to include fruit pizza.

Is there anything more American than toy trains,.. riding,...

..or playing corn hole?

Or enjoying air conditioning while everyone else is sweating outside?

And of course we had to grill some all American food: hot dogs and hamburgers.

And all the yummy sides! It doesn't get much more American than overeating! Hahaha!

But the most important part was being with family and celebrating this amazing country we are blessed to call home!

These pictures are obviously not in order but since it is a month and a half late I am not going to take the time to fix it!

We had neighbors on either side of us shooting off fireworks.

We ended the celebration by rocking out to the Beatles Rock band, which is kind of humorous since they are from the very country we fought against to become a free country, but we don't hold that against them. :)