Saturday, August 1, 2015

Scout Camp

I made lasagna while Jake was at Scout camp.  We split it with a family I visit teach from church.  She had just taken her last board test for medical school and they were heading out of town the very next day for vacation.  We brought them dinner so it was one last thing for them to have to worry about.  And this really doesn't have anything to do with Scout Camp other than we ate it while Jake was gone....It didn't deserve its own post, but look at that cheesy deliciousness.  How could I not post it?
As you can see this happened before the last post...I am adding words to all the posts that I uploaded pictures to a month and a half ago.

We went to visit Jake at Scout Camp on parents night and Papa Harmon came with us.  This is three generations of Scouts and Harmon men. They are kind of my favorite.
The Scouts came in.  I remember last year when Jake was sad he couldn't sit with us.  This year he was too old to care. :)
One of Jake's good buddies Ethan got tapped out...for the Order of the Arrow maybe..?  I can't remember but it is awesome!  We were hoping Jake would get tapped out next year but it doesn't look like he will get that chance since the BSA has voted to let gay leaders be a part of the program.  We will know for sure if the church is pulling out of BSA or not in the next couple of weeks.  I really think they will, which means we will for sure.

Aaron and Harold went down to congratulate the new candidates for the award.  They both have the...I am pretty sure it is called the Order of the Arrow.
                                                      Yes he is this much taller than me.
                He loves that I am shorter and he gets to put his arm around my neck now.  He likes to call me "Short Stack".

I love these pictures so I posted them all...actually I did delete two.  I like capturing the moment.

I am so glad these guys got to be at Camp together!  Ethan has hit a growth spurt since this.  He still hasn't caught up with Jake but he just may.  Ethan's dad is the same height as Aaron so we will have to see which of these two gets the tallest!
Jake walked us back to the car after (it is soooo far away) and then we drove him back as far as we could.  I of course had to take one more picture.  I love this face.  I love that he picked up an extra class this year just like he did last year.  I just love him!