Friday, August 14, 2015

Randomness in July

We lost another valiant servant of the Lord and he will be missed.  He once said: "After all the years I have lived and taught and served, after the millions of miles I have traveled the world, with all that I have experienced, there is one great truth that I would share.  That is my witness of the Savior Jesus Christ."

Amen President Packer!  We will never forget your testimony and your example of Christlike love.

I cry every time I hear this song. Every. Single. Time.  I listened to it a lot while getting ready for our 4th of July get together.  Which means I cried a lot.

Jake decided to make lunch one July some time...You know it was too long ago for me to remember!

Presentation is everything...

...and it was tasty too!

Lego's. It's what we do around here. Jake made this huge ship. 

I started organizing his Lego's.  It is what I do.  This is pretty much as far as I got.
 I will end all this randomness with a Thomas Jefferson quote that I obviously came across in July.  And to that quote I will only add: AMEN!