Saturday, August 1, 2015

Randomness and Big Boy Cousin Day

Aaron has been re-screening the windows in the sunroom.

Jake talked me into letting him get this new Lego-minecraftish game.  I can't remember what it is called...
We took the big boys to the church for a Nerd Nerf gun war.
They set up bases and everything.

Jake played cars with the little guys.
And continued to help Papa G with their deck.  Have I even posted pictures of that yet?  I would know if I did a better job keeping up with it.

This is what a trip to Target looks like for boys.  I don't get it at all.
There was helicopter flying.
Ben loved looking at Jake's old car collection. At this point they were all pretending to have a store and Ben was selling cars.
Saku was selling pillows.
Jake was selling "potions".

Sam was the banker.

This all eventually turned into me being the queen who paid people with Monopoly money to do chores.  I said I would actually give them real money, but they wanted to stay true to the game and opted for the fake stuff.

See Ben dusting in the background?
I got a lot accomplished with out doing anything.  I call that a good day.

Then we had a dance party.

You really can't post to many pictures of a dance party.

Okay...maybe you can.  I just deleted about 20 pictures...
After all this fun the house was what I like to call a "happy disaster".  I love the colorful snail Ben colored.

The sign for the Potion shop.

Then there was the trampoline.  I love how Jake is just hanging out in the air.
Boy cousin day was a success I would say!