Saturday, August 22, 2015

1st day of school

Jake was back in school as of August 5, 2015.  He is a 9th/10th grader.  Which means he is in the 9th grade but he is doing 10th grade level I am just not ready to call him a 10th grader so we are /ing it. 

We covered his Biology book old school style (we still need to cover his Algebra 2 book) because we know we will be bringing it to the homeschool consignment store when we are done so we want to keep it nice.  And it is just fun to cover your books.

He got his first grade of the year, a 100%, on his Bio Mod 1 "On Your Own" questions.

He had "hot lunch" just like public schoolers.  He did a whole bunch of stuff!  We covered every subject and finished everything!  Great way to kick off the school year!  We also went on a little field trip to....

...Our new neighborhood Walmart!!  It was the grand opening that morning and we had been waiting impatiently for it to open so we had to go!  We waited in line to get in...Crazy right?!  It didn't take long to get in at all-they were just greeting people and handing out maps of the store.  It is called a Walmart Marketplace because it it just a grocery store.  It took us just under a minute and 30 seconds to get there and it has a gas station.  It is the best of both worlds.  We can buy our groceries and gas cheap and not have all the other things that tempt you at a full size Walmart.  And we got free Coke and English muffins!  We were in and out pretty quick.  We just wanted to check it out.  

I can't believe the summer is over and we are now a week and half into school...we have already had some rough days but we know this is what we are supposed to be doing and we can do this. Here is to our 5th year homeschooling and all the memories that we will make and knowledge we will fill into our brains!!!!